Should the Fair Labor Standards Act be updated with equal pay and equal rights for all workers?

  • Everyone Deserves Equal Pay

    Everyone deserves equal pay for the same position, no matter what the background of a particular worker happens to be. Two big issues threaten American workers today. First is that women make less money than men for the same position. Second is the unemployment rate for blacks as compared to whites, which is abnormally high.

  • Fair Labor Standards Act Requires Updates

    Without a doubt, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires some updates. All workers should be given equal pay and equal rights, which isn't necessarily happening in the United States right now. Workers deserve equality, and labor discrimination or uneven policies can hurt the country as a whole in many ways.

  • It definitely should

    There are still huge disparities regarding pay in the current workplace. Many people still hate the Fair Labor Standards Act and hire minorities and women with absolute distaste, then pay them far less than any white male doing the same job in the hopes that they quit. Women and minorities in many jobs have to do twice the work for half the pay.

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act be updated with equal pay and equal rights for all workers.

    The Fair Labor Standards Act be updated with equal pay and equal rights for all workers. Workers who do the same job should not be discriminated against because of their sex, religion, etc. I also think that all workers should get equal rights. This should be in effect everywhere and should remain standard.

  • Equal Work Equal Pay destroys incentive and the wage gap is a myth.

    First off, there is no male-female wage gap that this would fix. Yes, the US Census Bureau does say that a woman makes 77 cents to a man's dollar, but this doesn't include their occupation, work hours and many other crucial factors. But lets assume, for the sake of argument, that the wage gap is real. This would solve one problem, but create many more, for one, there wouldn't be any incentive to over perform, if I knew that working extra hard wouldn't get me any extra money, I would only work as hard as I had to to keep my job, and I'm more than sure many other people would do the same.
    Now to debunk some of the "Yes people's" arguments, this law would NOT make any difference in who is employed, so the unemployment rates of minorities would not fall. Its crazy to think women that work twice as much earn half as much, that doesn't even agree with the 77 cents myth. In conclusion, even if this was a problem, it would create more than it would solve.

  • No they should not be equal

    They shouldn't be equal because for example say two people work at Burger King and they do the same job at the same time, one makes twenty burgers every thirty minutes, and the other makes fourty burgers every thirty minutes, who should be payed more the one who works harder or the one who works less harder

  • No, it should not be updated to have equal pay and rights for all workers.

    Equal pay is not actually fair. Some employees in the same job class perform more work than others. Some produce a better work product than others. They should be able to make more money based on the skills they bring to their company. Everyone making the same wage is not fair to the good employees.

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