• Yes, they should.

    I for one think that the Atlanta Falcons would be quite foolish to get rid of Luke MCown. He is an asset to the team and is one of the biggest reasons for all of their success in the past few seasons. He should stay on the time, for sure.

  • Sure, why not

    You're not going to have a superstar at your backup QB position unless nobody knows it. With McCown everybody knows he and his brother aren't and never will be, they're marginal career backups. Take a look at what the Cardinals went through last year, if your backup only kind of sucks you're doing better than a lot of teams.

  • Yes They Should

    I personally think Luke McCown is average and will never be a great quarterback in the NFL, but the Atlanta Falcons should keep him. He's a decent back up quarterback and every team needs insurance just in case their starter goes down. His contract is not that bad either, so he's worth it.

  • Its always good to have an experienced backup.

    Now for the record, I'd like to state that I'm a huge football fan. As for this particular issue, I confess that I know very little about Mr. McCown. I do know about Matt Ryan. Ryan has been a solid starter in the league for a few years. McCown has been "playing" for about nine years and from what I've seen, I use the word playing loosely since he's been primarily used as a reserve. Still, it is my belief that the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL are experienced, heady veterans. McCown doesnt have near the ability that Matt Ryan has but that's why he's a backup. So it seems to me that the Falcons have either the option to draft a young up and coming player but that doesnt seem necessary to me since Matt (Matty Ice) Ryan is in his prime and any player drafted would have to wait possibly years for their chance to play. McCown knows his role on the team and a younger player would likely become frustrated quickly with a limited role and could cause some drama in the locker room. No, I believe that keeping McCown as a servicable backup is the Falcons best bet while they use the rest of their draft picks to shore up the rest of their team's needs.

  • I say no.

    I think that one thing that the National Football League has shown us is that there is always another player that can be found that can contribute to a team in just as good a manner as the old one. Luke could easily be replaced by someone just as good.

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