Should the Falkland Islands be returned to Argentina?

  • They should be returned

    The fact is that UK should use their resources in UK and not in outposts obtained illegally. The islanders were implanted and the argument they should self-govern themselves would only applied to native people that they are not. UK glory days are in the past and it should accept its new role in the world as just another Joe. Unfortunately for British these processes take time but for the good of their people I hope politicians really focus on their actual needs which are many and not in defending what was illegally obtained. Argentina is far from being an ideal solution for the islanders (if they decide to remain there) but the truth is that it belongs to Argentina and for good or bad it will be returned eventually so they will have to make peace with it and move on.

  • Must be returned

    The falkland islands are one of the remains of the infamous imperialist past of the british empire and the vile policy that they carried from the 16th to half of the 20th century , which resulted in the opression of entire nations and the current underdevelopment of great parts of Africa , Asia , and Latin America.The United Kingdom should return the island to argentina as an historical retribution for almost a century of pillage in the region.

  • They Must be Returned!

    The Falklands are a remnant of a colonial power that is no longer relevant (unless, of course, the idea is to eventually take more land in the area). The UK is selling fishing and drilling rights around the islands (eg to South Korea and other nations) which are plundering the area, stealing valuable resources and sending profits thousands of kilometers away to the UK. The people of Argentina and South America deserve the right to access these resources!

  • No, they shouldn't.

    The British first settled here before Argentina even existed. They created permanent settlements which later developed into the islands today. Most islanders speak English, are Christian, and the monetary unit is equivalent to the British pound. The British won the war. Argentina keeps trying to push (come back) after they had surrendered themselves to the British.

  • No, the Falklands should not be returned to Argentina.

    I do not believe that the Falklands should be returned to Argentina. I think that the Falklands should remain in their current state without the interference of Argentina. I think that however that if the people of the Falkland Islands want to vote on it, they should be able to vote.

  • The Falkland Islands should not be returned to Argentina

    If the UK decides to release the Falkland islands, then they should not be 'returned' to Argentina. The Falkland islands should be allowed to determine their own fate. Part of that determination must be the right to their own independence. The Falkland island people should be given the opportunity to dictate where they ally themselves. 'Returning' them to Argentina is just replacing one hierarchy with another.

  • A British territory

    The Falklands are a British territory and have been for many years, and the desire of Argentina to claim the islands is based on little than their proximity to the country. Argentina is predominantly run and led by people of European descent, so arguing that the islands are rightfully theirs is baseless.

  • The Falkland Islands should not be returned to Argentina.

    It is clear that the people living on the Falkland Islands do not want them to be returned to Argentina. The legacy of the Falklands War is a reminder of what could go wrong if Argentina attempts to take them over again. They are not that significant, and Agrentina should forget about them.

  • No i dont

    While the actions of the British in initially taking over the islands
    and indeed Gibraltar in the past may have been an act of colonialism.
    The fact is that in the present currently the Falklands are a self
    governing territory who freely choose to remain associated with the
    United Kingdom and it should be up to the people through their
    democratically elected legislature to decide their own future.

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