• Falklands should be Argentinian, which doesn't mean necessarly to be equally as the mainland.

    Belong to Argentina doesn't mean necessarly to be a one more uniform part of the country... It exist something called autonomy and respect of minorities. Having a different language, culture and origin its not an excuse for not belonging a larger neighbour territory. Look at Switzerland, with 3 or 4 official languages, or Italy, that has the German-speaking Tirol... It's a kind of British nationalist feeling what exists in this archipelago. "If we belong to Argentina, everything will go bad..." If the archipelago goes to Argentina, there won't be any kind of repression for English language and the identity of Kelppers. Argentina, maybe it's not the English way of country, but it's a developed nation. The negotiation is the solution. The right of self-determination is a misleading concept of international law. It creates instability and promotes separations between territories and stagnation, rather than opportunities of unification.
    Self-determination is something personal, not about the territories. You can live in Mexico, but feel British and have british citizenship. For me, it has more sense that the Falklands belong to Argentina, mainly for proximity and for ending the isolation of the islands.

  • Falkland is Argentina's territory

    The territory belongs to Argentina. Those speaking about the islanders auto-determination need to understand.. All the citizens of the island where kicked out of the island and people from England were brought to the island.. Of course they'll vote in favour of England.. All the people on the island are descendants of England's who were brought to live on the island.

  • Why should they

    I'm Chilean and i just hate Argentina. But does it make sense like to own a piece of land that is more than thousands of km away. Like it just would be easier if Argentina would claim them and they become Argentinean property. They would have closer resources closer government. Though I think it should be claimed it in a good way not as they stole the Chilean patagonia which was when they were on war they stole it.

  • Colonialism has ended!

    Why should Britain claim a land so far from it's home country. You know, we're not in 1880, where you could just get some type of German guy to rule out that this land is British. It's not that anymore. There's Argentina, and the Falklands is an Argentine Island. The islanders can oppose this, but would it make sense that Britain claim a land so far from it. It's like America claiming Sengoku island. The only reason Britain won the Falkland War is because Britain had support internationally.

  • The Falkland islands have a right to self determination

    The residents live there. They own it. It's theirs. They chose overwhelming to stay British. 92% for British with only three people who said no. The referendum is internationally recognised, and that should be the end of it.

    Any act of Argentina to land their hands on it against the will of the people is an act of International Aggression and a breach of rights for a democratic society.

  • The People are British NOT Argentinian

    The decision should be left to the people who live on the island not some South American country who claim to have ownership. If the people want to remain British then that is their decision and they will be supported by Britain as long as they do. Argentina needs to back off unless they want to get their arses kicked in another war.

  • They don't want to be a part of Argentina!

    Everyone I've ever heard talk about the Falklands war was talking about how little they wanted to be a part of Argentina. Sure they may have a territorial claim over the land, but what really matters is the voice of the people, and if the people don't want a part of it, you can't force them too change citizenship morally.

  • Popular Sovereignty and Argentine Bait and Switch

    The first part is absolutely clear. The Falkland islanders have been there for nearly as long as Argentina has existed. They have a substantial right under popular sovereignty to decide their own fate. They voted to remain subjects of the Crown, thus putting Argentina's claims in serious doubt. But the truth is the Argentine government doesn't want the Falklands. They want a flashy cause for their people to rally around; a common enemy that they can unite against. They want to avenge themselves for their loss in the Falklands War. They want to be able to look at their constituents and say, "Hey you live in a barely functioning country that has managed to grievously harm its relations most its neighbors, and traditional allies, like Spain, but you know what? I'll bet you hate the Brits for defeating us in the war and taking our land so they can laugh at us while herding their sheep on some rocks out in the middle of the South Atlantic. I'll bet if I keep telling you the British holding on the some fairly worthless pasture land that really should be yours, you wont actually notice the fact that we, your own government, are running your country into the ground." Then once they've stirred up enough domestic outrage and managed to drag their ever shrinking circle of friends into the chorus of "Colonialism" they can try and get the UK to the negotiating table where they can get what they really want, MONEY, and still go home a beat the drums of nationalism and revaunchism to keep their populace subdued.

  • Abusive Argentinean Government

    The people of the Falkland islands voted to remain a territory of the United Kingdom in a free vote. The Argentinean government had declared that it care nothing for democracy by saying that the vote is meaningless. The only reason Argentina wants the islands, is not for territorial gain, but their natural resources. When the islands were originally discovered the Dutch, were the accepted finder, not the Spanish, the English or French. The Spanish got half the islands from the French in 1767 and the English had built a colony on the other half around when the french built theirs. The Spanish did later expel the British and and after some time in 1811 with drew, the last remaining population. The last proper state in ownership was the British, which re arrived in 1833 and have ruled the islands since, a proper settlement having been established some seven years later. The Argentinians have no real claim to Islands other than greed. Argentina only declared independence five years after the colony was abandoned, as they did not establish control over the islands before then then, what is the basis of the Argentinian their claim, as inheritance from rebellion is clearly not the case.

  • The Falklands belong to the Falkland Islanders

    The Falkland Islands is a small country established by European settlers on uninhabited islands. They have at least as much right to determine their own future as the European settlers of mainland South America do. According to the Falkland Island Government the Islands have never been Argentinian territory, and in a recent referendum the Islanders choose to entrust their sovereignty to the UK for the time being.

  • The Falklanders do not support being under Argentinian rule.

    After the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982, there were talks about Britain giving the Falklan Islands to Argentina, after first securing provisions to protect the islanders. The Falklanders oppose this by close to 99%. If the people feel they are British and want to remain British, they are the only voice hat counts.

  • No, they agreed to hand the isle over to the British

    During the Falklands War, the Argentines surrendered and gave control to the British. Unless the governments of those countries come to some other arrangement, the islands belong to the British. Most of the citizens are of British decent or immigrated from British controlled territories. Argentina has no claim to the islands whatsoever.

  • Colonialism has ended

    As Argentines continually state, colonialism has ended so stop trying to impose a government on a populace that does not want that particular government. It is up to the islanders and nobody else should be involved in that decision except those that live and reside on those islands. In addition the Argentine government also lost ALL rights to the islands after the 1982 conflict. Despite what anybody says, THEY were the ones that invaded and THEY were the ones that would not leave...THEY are the ones with blood on their hands.

  • Self-determination is key here.

    I hold the same stance as with the Gibraltar issue. The Falkland Islanders have the right to decide their own future, as do the Gibraltarians. The Islands might be thousands of miles away, but if Argentina were to claim them, then how many other countries will claim former colonies/territories? Give Ceuta and Melilla back to Morocco then, Olivenca (stolen by Spain) back to Portugal, Louisiana back to France, and so on.

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Subutai says2013-04-17T01:35:01.040
I won't sumbit an opinion, but, bottom line, the inhabitants voted overwhelmingly (I think only 3 voted to go with Argentina) to stay with Britian. Respect the majority.

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