Should the false report of an active shooter at Andrews Air Force Base encourage tightened security at military facilities?

  • Heightened security should be a norm

    Heightened security should be a norm at US military facilities. There is no reason to be lax or soft on crime in these installations. There should be armed guards in more areas and a higher risk of punishment for anyone who goes against the laws on firearms at the installations.

  • Keep our soldiers safe!

    While the Andrews Air Force Base ended up being a false report, we should still consider the safety of our soldiers. Our military bases could easily be a target, even within our own country. Tightening the security at military facilities would be only a minor inconvenience - one which is definitely worth it when you consider the safety of our soldiers.

  • Yes, the false report should tighten security.

    Security in today's world needs to be the best it's ever been before. With threats everywhere people should be able to feel safe. A false report is just as dangerous as a real report because at the time you don't know if it's real or not. This just shows how security needs to be better.

  • Security at military facilities is just fine

    Security at military installations is just fine, and cherry picked false reports that show anything to the contrary arches intellectual dishonesty at best. The biggest problem military installations have is that many are considered gun free zones, making them perfect spots for shooters to take down victims. If we can't trust our military with guns, who can we?

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