Should the fate of a murderer be decided by the victim's family?

  • Yes, the fate of the murderer should be decided by the victim's family.

    I believe the victim's family should be able to decide the penalty from any of the acceptable sentences. This would allow killers to be locked up for longer periods of time. It would also prevent any foolish rulings based on a killer's monetary influences. I believe this should even be true for manslaughter cases.

  • As long as the state provides the trial

    If a person has been convicted beyond the shadow of a doubt of terrible murder, then letting the victim's family decide what happens seems reasonable. It's not up to society to tell a murder victim's family what will happen with person that's guilty. Let them get justice in their own way, for the sake of closure, or revenge.

  • Yes, with limitations.

    Any other crime I would disagree. However, I believe if someone went as far as to commit murder, the family should have some say. However, I would restrict their say to whether or not they agree to the death penalty. I wouldn't want to give the family the power to request the death penalty because that can set a dangerous precedent. However, I think they can decide to agree or disagree with a sentence ruling.

  • It would be a horrible idea

    It does not take into consideration all the factors. Someone could kill in self defense and still get tried, if you leave it up the family it will always be based off of emotion. It would almost be a 99 percent death penalty. Not to mention when you say fate, that is vague. They can decide anything for them, which would make no sense. Still even if you mean just death, no it should be tried judicially if at all.

  • No it should not.

    The fate of a murderer should not be decided by the victim's family. First of all, it would be unconstitutional because it would not be a fair trial, because the victim's family will say that the murderer is guilty and seek the death penalty. There could be a chance that he/she is innocent.

  • The fate of a murderer should not be decided by the victim's family.

    A victim's family should not decide the fate of a murderer because they would be too harsh. The criminal justice system lets an judge decide the punishment for murderers because this is more fair. A lot of families would probably seek the death penalty and this is barbaric. A policy of an eye for an eye wont work.

  • Fate of the Murderer is Decided by God

    If the fate of a murderer is decided by the victim's family, then what's the point of having a justice system? There are standards for sentencing for a reason. The fate of everyone is in the hands of God anyway, not in the hands of humans. If a jury decides the murderer should be put to death, then that's what should happen. If more families of victims had their way, more people would be on death row.

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