Should the FBI's new rules about easier access to international Internet information be allowed to stay in place?

  • The FBI's Internet Rules Should Stay In Place

    Easier access to international Internet information is a positive thing because today a lot of activity and communication takes place on the Internet. If a serious crime occurs, accessing important Internet files seems necessary to prove a case. Doing it just to spy, however, would just be an invasion of privacy.

  • Allowing the FBI access to anyone's Internet information for any reason is a bad idea.

    Giving the FBI access to anyone's information might seem like a good idea for national security, but would also curtail our citizens' right to privacy. In the short term that might not matter as much as protecting people from terrorist threats, but limiting privacy is a strong beginning for a military state. If the government can monitor all of us for no reason, then it has power over us. The government should be dependent on its citizens. Citizens should never be controlled by their government.

  • It could hinder cybercrime

    Though it's rarely in the news, one of the greatest sources of danger to American civilizations is cyberterrorism, particularly from Chinese hackers. An international coalition to prevent this type of hacking would go a long way to ensuring cyber-safety, and it would do well to improve tensions between nations that are on the razor's edge in terms of trust.

  • Abuse can be extanded.

    The standard of crime is objective? If immoral leader of FBI or USA will be elected, they can abuse that new rules which can violate our privacy. They can read our private information for example SNS anytime, so our right will be losed. I think the development of investigation is important too, but it has too much danger.

  • No it shouldnt

    Some of the internet information which is private needs to remain private. Normal citizens should be able to keep their internet activity and information confidential and private. FBIs new rules about easier access to international Internet information could be violating the privacy of people and hence it shouldn't be allowed to stay in place.

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