Should the FCC be allowed to prohibit future mergers of mobile carriers?

  • Uh. .. YEAH?!?!

    And it's not just mobile phone retailers we should be worrying about! I've been reading alot about the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner. All this does is create one big cluster**ck and lord knows what that'll mean for us. NBC/Comcast already owns enough damn companies, and if you think otherwise, wake up to reality.

    Posted by: S.K
  • The FCC should have the leeway

    The FCC should have the leeway because mergers are usually not very good. They reduce or eliminate jobs and take away the ability of more carriers to provide competitive services. People don't want to be limited to one or two companies with limited services. Lack of good customer service will make a customer look elsewhere and we need the competitive market to provide more carriers than less.

  • FCC discourages monopolies.

    The FCC is circulating a proposal to prevent cellular companies from jointly bidding on wireless airwaves. This follows rumors of a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint and the proposal is coming none too soon. Between big-box chain stores like Wal-Mart and the regional monopolies created by the cable companies, this country has gotten away from its spirit of healthy, competitive free market and closer to a world in which one company runs everything. T-Mobile and Sprint simply have too much power to be allowed to combine forces. These two together would squeeze out any other competitor imagineable.

  • Yes, the FCC should be allowed to prohibit future mergers of mobile carriers.

    When it comes to the question of the possible merger of large corporations, perhaps in no other industry is the potential effect on consumers greater than in that of media content creators and access providers. Almost without exception, mergers in these industries mean less choice, and often a worse deal, for consumers. With so few mobile carrier options available to consumers already, the FCC should definitely work to curb further attrition of choice by preventing future mergers.

  • FCC Should Not Be Allowed to Prohibit Mergers

    I am supportive of competition and free market. If a company is targeted by a rival business and a buy-offer is proposed, the state regulator, FCC, should not be allowed to prohibit it. Mergers bring return of scales, improved business ratios, better service and as a consequence higher share prices. Thus both sides clients and investors benefit.

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