Should the FCC be in charge of deciding what content is decent on broadcast channels?

  • The FCC Knows Best

    As Americans, we understand that we have certain freedoms, especially the freedom of speech and we enjoy that freedom right down to watching television. But as with all other rights under the Constitution, there are regulations that are put into place to identify the boarders of these rights. The FCC looks over the content of television programs, among other forms of broadcasting and determines what is appropriate for the general public. There are always other ways to view programs that are not FCC approved, but not through public television, thank goodness.

  • Yes, anything that is viewable by everyone should be censored to a certain extent.

    If we do not censor the things that are on TV, are children may watch things that may be rather inappropriate. Many children learn from what comes out of that digital box, and it is our job to let companies like the FCC regulate these things. They are doing a great job so far and they should continue to do so.

  • Oh, so very much no.

    The electoral college holds more power than the popular vote. The Supreme Court has legalized bribery. The wealthy and powerful can influence the media via the FCC.

    The top 1% have probably been brainwashing the common people for half a century, according to their own views and opinions. No more!

  • There should not be government-controlled media.

    No, the FCC should not be in charge of deciding what content is decent on broadcast channels, because that would be tantamount to state-sponsored media. It is the government-controlled media which gave us PBS. PBS is great for children's shows, but for everything else, it is very outdated and boring.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the FCC should be in charge of deciding what content is decent on broadcast channels. I think the companies should figure this out for themselves. Americans have a standard and all the FCC does is intermediate between the public and the broadcast channels. To me, it's spending money where none should need to be spent.

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