Should the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) be abolished?

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  • Net neutrality is a threat to property rights

    Let me start this off by saying how fucking stupid everyone else that has voted "yes" is. They support abolishing the FCC because they support net neutrality, a stance which makes 0 sense. The FCC created and enforced net neutrality, you fucking morons. However, to get to the matter at hand, net neutrality is a violation of property rights. If you are accessing the internet through an ISP, that ISP has the right to limit what you see in any way it sees fit, so long as it complies with the contract between you and the ISP. If you find out that your ISP is blocking certain content that you want to view, guess what, you can change ISPs! That's the beauty of a free market system, it gives you choice! The only way to have a truly free and open internet is to immediately abolish all regulations regarding the internet, both in terms of software and infrastructure. The free market, composed of mutual agreements between millions of producers and consumers, will always prevail in creating the most moral, efficient, and high-quality system.

  • Abolish the FCC!

    Absolutely, yes, the FCC should be abolished. A more useless waste of tax payer dollars can scarcely be imagined. And everybody knows it. Why then is it so difficult to get rid of this fusty and archaic institution? All we're doing is nursing future pension-earners at tax-payer expense. Millions of dollars we could be putting into healthcare or education is feeding the salaries of tenured functionaries who are no only useless but actually harmful to our basic freedoms.

  • FCC's "Open Internet" has unconstitutional contradictions.

    One of the rules of Open Internet is "No Unreasonable Discrimination" which is defined by "lawful content should be considered equal." That doesn't mean that because they think some content should restricted, it is "unlawful." Yes, there are a few truly unlawful cases. In that case, what happened to the majority of the portion of media blocked because of them? That content should be considered "equal" and therefore, be protected my the First Amendment. So overall, the FCC doesn't only disregard the constitution, but also there own belief of what a free media should be.

  • Québécois stands with people VS. FCC & PMRC

    I'm Québécois but citizen of US... I am so with you. I'm so astonished sometime to realize that Canadians have more freedom of speech than the country who practically invented it! Politicians are so soft and scared of criticism. They debate and take the logic decision to make its citizens calm down! I've always hated with a passion FCC (tyrants) especially when the PMRC had a lot of power like the FCC. I could rant 500 words of angriness on those two anti freedom tyrants. But it's only my opinion

  • FCC should be abolished

    Nothing they have done or will ever do is going to be worth keeping their lights on. Its a waste of resources, not to mention that their attack on net neutrality is unconstitutional. Due to whom it favors it is a direct violation of 18 U.S. Code § 2381. Yes, literally treason. Punishable by death, Ajit.

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  • Please do follow through on abolishing the FCC.

    Like many say, the FCC is infringing on many rights of the citizens of the United States of America. We the people have the right to say what we please, so this proposal by the FCC is intruding on our freedom of speech, our freedom of the press (as in YouTube, Washington Post, etc.). Though I may be incorrect, Facebook has a rumor that if anyone opposes the removal of Net Neutrality that person will be silenced and removed. Thus I conclude with saying that the FCC is unconstitutional and should be removed.

  • The FCC violates basic human rights, and so, operates illegally.

    The FCC blatantly violates the freedom of speech and expression. Now, with the addition to destroying net neutrality, remotely violating the right the peaceful protest, because if users (Youtubers are a great example) protest their ISP on something, the ISP has full power. Stop the FCC. Stop forced censorship. #savenetneutraliry

  • Government has no right to infringe on free speech, even on the air. Abolish the FCC completely.

    The federal government has no right to determine what media children or otherwise can consume. The FCC's very existence is a threat to free speech. The so-called "practical duties" the FCC claims to promote can easily be achieved by the companies themselves; no governmental organization is needed to "promote competition, innovation, and investment" in broadband services and facilities.

  • Abolish it Now!

    They don't censor the internet and their role is now obsolete like so many other Governmental onerous regs and taxpayer wasting institutions.

    Abolish this, the Department of Education, FDA, EPA, NDAA, NAFTA, TARIFFS, Patriot Acts, Fatherland Security (I mean "Homeland") and the list goes on. We don't need you. The private sector can do everything better. The Internet is a perfect example

  • There are technical reasons for the FCC.

    Among them are spectrum allocation, Etc. From, enumerated duties include:

    Promoting competition, innovation and investment in broadband services and facilities
    Supporting the nation's economy by ensuring an appropriate competitive framework for the unfolding of the communications revolution
    Encouraging the highest and best use of spectrum domestically and internationally
    Revising media regulations so that new technologies flourish alongside diversity and localism
    Providing leadership in strengthening the defense of the nation's communications infrastructure

    All are practical duties. I will agree that the FCC needs to be reformed, but not abolished,

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