Should the FCC force private cable companies to provide Internet access to under-served Native Americans?

  • Everyone needs the internet

    If you don't have the internet these days you are lost. You are cut off from the vast majority of opportunities. It is vital that everyone have internet access. If the market isn't doing it then yes the FCC should require that they grant internet access.

    One of the comments in No says "Until the internet is assumed to be a human essential need". It IS. If you want to make something of yourself you need to learn and to be on the same playing field you need the internet to do that learning. If you want to find certain opportunities again you need the internet.

  • Native Americans Need Internet Access, FCC's Strongarm is Not the Answer.

    The FCC should not interfere with free enterprise by forcing private companies to offer public access and, instead, should look torwards partnerships, and possible tax incentives, to provide both access and user support and education to the Native American community. After all, providing internet access is only one facet of the solution to an under-served population. Native Americans would also need value-added support in order to fully take advantage of online tools, which could provide a new social community for Native American tribes, help educate non-Native Americans about their culture and provide new business opportunities. A full turn-key solution that doesn't interfere with free enterprise should be sought out for both the benefit of the private companies and the Native American community.

  • Until the internet is assumed to be a human essential need:

    No. It is truly indefensible to force cable companies to grant their services without recompense from the State for building the actual mainframe itself as it is in the State's interest (for they represent the citizens) and not the corporation's interest to act. Enforcement would be infringing upon the law.

  • No, the FCC should not force cable companies to provide access to Native Americans

    No, the FCC should not force cable companies to provide access under-served to Native Americans. Internet access is not a vital or essential commodity so therefore it is not of great importance that certain areas or groups are not served by cable providers. Internet access is readily available in other areas so if they really require access they can find it elsewhere.

  • Native Americans should not be granted by force

    Native Americans choose to live their lives a certain way. Now that the younger generation is realizing internet is a necessity, it is not our problem. The FCC should NOT force private companies to provide access. That is like asking casinos to give non Native American's free chips to gamble with.

  • Private Cable means Privatly managed

    Allow companies to decide which areas and which services are the most profitable in certain geographical areas. If a privately owned company chooses to expand to Native American areas, then this should be a business decision and not a government mandate. Historically, business in the United States has always worked better when the government allowed private business to thrive based on it's own decisions.

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