Should the FCC permit the Comcast-Time Warner merger?

  • The FCC permit the Comcast-Time Warner merger

    The FCC should permit the Comcast-Time Warner merger. If they do many things will start to reshape and many new jobs and opprotunities will open up to help others. I hope that they do pass this regulation and proceed with the merger so that we can continue to see great things happen for them.

  • More efficient service.

    Yes, the FCC should permit the Comcast-Time Warner merger, because it will make for a very strong company. With as available as the media is today, we do not have to worry about large media companies. We can always turn to blogs or the internet to find other sources for our media.

  • The FCC should stop it

    If the FCC refuses to stop the merger, then the American people should by going elsewhere. People do not like when the government steps in on business, but business continues to show they do not know how to do the right thing. It is not good when all these big corporations merge together or buy out all their little competitors. They monopolize the market and make things unaffordable for the average person.

  • It Shouldn't Be Allowed

    I believe cable companies are allowed to monopolize areas within the United States and this shouldn't be allowed. I believe the Comcast-Time Warner merger should be blocked. We don't need these mega corporations. We need good viable companies that compete against each other, not ones that collude to make more money.

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