Should the FCC regulate the communications industry?

  • The FCC should regulate the communications industry.

    The FCC should regulate the communications industry.With corporations getting larger and larger and mergers happening more and more,the FCC is needed in ensure that competition continues and the best possible communications product is distributed to the general public who may or may not be aware of the workings of a large communications company.

  • The FCC should regulate the communications industry.

    It is necessary for a body such as the Federal Communications Commission to regulate the communications industry. People do not want networks broadcasting obscene content on television and radio. Sometimes censorship is necessary in a free country. Blocking obscene material is not a danger to our political and religious rights.

  • Yes they should

    The FCC should in the United States of America should indeed regulate the communications industry. This is part of the job for this agency to do when it comes to the FCC. We should have these type of things regulated to help with things. Without regulation things may become bad.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the FCC should regulate the communications industry. I believe this agency is a grave mistake that has allowed the government to control what is on TV. America is suppose to free and the press is suppose to be free as well. The FCC is in direct contrast with these ideals.

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