• Yes, they probably should.

    Not a huge cigarette fan and not sure about the specific harms that menthol has, but if it is something that causes even more harm than the cigarettes already do then it would probably be a good idea. It would have to be handled well though due to the fact a large portion of the community probably smokes them.

  • NO. . . . ITS REDICULOUS. . . . . . . And SICK

    I am a menthol smoker of 25 years and this is SAD. . . . . . GOVERNMENT STAY OUT OF OUR LIVES. . . The parents need to take responsibility for THEIR OWN KIDS. . . . . . This is all sick! I am 51 years old and I have never seen all what I have been seeing these past 10 years. . . . . SAD and SICK. . . . . . . LEAVE me alone

  • It's a personal right

    Smoking is a personal choice and a right. The Surgeon General Warning label informs smokers of the harmful effects of smoking. Every smoker is aware of the dangers today. There is no evidence supporting that mentholated cigarettes are any more harmful than regular cigarettes. Personally I feel that it should not be banned because smoking is a personal decision. If the FDA finds that mentholated cigarettes are more dangerous than real cigarettes then I believe the Surgeon General Warning label should inform the smoker that it is dangerous. Plus, 30% of cigarettes purchased are mentholated and the government benefits from the Sin Tax placed on tobacco products. If the menthol cigarettes were taken off the market think of how much revenue the government would lose. Plus, cigarettes actually keep citizens off illegal drugs and if menthol cigarettes were banned then they would most likely resort to the illegal drugs. Bottom line: No menthol cigarettes should not be banned and if evidence emerges that menthol is harmful then the smoker should be warned on the Surgeon General Warning label.

  • Cigarettes Are Unhealthy

    Every single person smoking cigarettes today knows that cigarettes are hazardous to a person's health. People are allowed to choose for themselves whether to use cigarettes. Menthol in cigarettes does not provide smokers with any false sense that what they are doing is unhealthy. They should be allowed to choose whatever cigarettes they want.

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