Should the FDA ban the use of antibiotics in farm animals?

  • They should ban them

    The United States are already behind. European countries have banned the use of antibiotics because it doesn't make that much of a difference in raising an animal except that they are bigger. The raise in price of meat would be very small and if we don't we might breed a bacteria that can't be cured that can effectively kill humans and now it is in our food supply. It's obvious ban them.

  • Yes,the FDA should ban the use of antibiotics in farm animals.

    The FDA should ban the use of antibiotics in farm animals.This practice can be dangerous to humans because they tend to build up in a human's system making them immune to many therapeutic uses.This causes people to get diseases that they would not normally get therefore bmaking the general population sicker.

  • Do not ban

    The FDA should not ban the antibiotics for farm animals. This will increase the cost of raising the animals due to going through vet. To compensate the increased cost in raising animals, meat prices in the supermarket can increase. The small farms who are not using their animals for commercial food, can end up struggling over the cost of not being able to treat their animals on their own.

  • They should not outright ban them

    Antibiotics use in farm animals is an important thing to do in order to keep them healthy and safe for consumers. The FDA cannot outright ban antibiotics use, however they should reform it. Too many antibiotics will lead to supergerms which will harm society very much. The FDA should intervene and rule as to how much antibiotics use is acceptable, before it is too late.

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