• There is no point to say no.

    The U.S. Government has been in the process to get rid of trans fats in foods for years. Likewise, companies have gotten rid of them. All of the fast food joints have gotten rid of them due to the obvious health risks that arise when consuming them. An added bonus could he that due to peoples' health going up, Health & Human Services may not have to pay as much in the future for Medicare or Medicaid, helping budgetary woes as well.

    Posted by: M84
  • We are stupid

    I read that people argue that we should have options, and that it is their right. I will accept this point, that if you are healthy, I or we shouldn't be infringing on your options to consume food. But as a healthy individual, why should i be wasting my money on the individual that needs a heart replacement because he ate one too many burgers (per meal). This is from Canada where we have free health care, and obesity in some statics is consuming a large portions of health care materials. If these materials are not wasted on preventable conditions, we can better treat those conditions that are not preventable. This being said, one way to reduce their weight on the those resources, is to reduce a factor in the development of the condition.

  • Would resurrect society from the ashes

    The "American" diet, consisting of hotdogs, hamburgers, chocolate anything, fast food, fried anything, and artificial candy that should not even be deemed food in the first place, should all be purged and expunged entirely from society. I believe the greater good for society will be achieved if trans fats are replaced with organic, wholesome products. The obesity statistics in America are staggering, and, if not halted, will spread and inevitably facilitate the death of humanity as a whole. The rights of society outweigh the rights of the individual in this instance.

  • The Bare Facts

    Although it is impossible to completely ban trans fats since there is such a thing as natural trans fats that are form in the stomachs of some animals, I still believe that the FDA should ban trans fats. The FDA already has recognized "partially hydrogenated oils" as unhealthy for human consumption. Partially hydrogenated oils are where trans fats come from. Many fast food restaurants use oils with trans fats to deep fry foods because they can use oils with trans fats multiple times. This probably gets you to think, "how old is the oil that my french fries were just fried in?", and it should because it's quite unsanitary.

  • The FDA Should Ban Trans Fats

    The FDA should ban Trans Fats because they have numerous negative health effects on the human body. Trans Fats are linked to causing various ailments that seem to disproportionately effect Americans. The government knows the effects of Trans Fats and recognize that the negative effects far surpass any positive effects.

  • The FDA should ban Trans Fats

    I think the FDA should ban trans fats because they have various negative health effects on people. Trans Fats are linked to various ailments that plague our country. The government needs to step in and ban the use of harmful foods because it effects the nation as a whole. To conclude, in terms of Trans Fats the negatives effects far exceed the positives.

  • I think Trans Fats should be banned

    Trans Fats have very little positive health benefits and are mostly detrimental to a person's health. Trans Fats should be banned because they increase your risk of developing heart disease. They also raise your bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol. It is also associated with developing type 2 diabetes.

  • There is no way that food should be sold with trans fat in them.

    I think that food should not be sold with trans fat in them because they are very unhealthy and it is very dangerous to the persons body. Yes some companies have stopped putting trans fat in their food but that doesn't mean all of the companies have gotten rid of them in their food. There are still places that sell food with trans fats in them. On the American Heart Association website it says, "that many companies use trans fats because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and last for a long time" but there must be reason that they are cheap and that is because they are very unhealthy to people.

  • Should not ban Trans Fat

    It is a peoples choice to decide if they want to eat trans fat or not. People should watch there health and stay healthy but its a choice and banning may upset lots of people. Banning something that is a peoples choice is a waste and should not be allowed. So FDA should not ban trans fat.

  • The FDA should ban trans fat:

    Trans fat is very harmful to humans. Some might say it is a free country I can do whatever I want but their are still laws that tell you things that you may not do. I think that their should be a law/rule only way you can eat trans fat is if you are healthy. You do not want to be overweight and not healthy and eating fats. Trans fats should be banned for anyone they do nothing but bad for you.

  • Let Us Choose

    It should be the American citizen's decision on what to eat. If we want to eat raw cookie dough we can. If we want to eat dirt we can. So if it is unhealthy for us, so what? We will have to pay the consequences for it. Banning it would be like banning McDonald's. We can choose for ourselves what to eat and we have to be accountable to take care of ourselves.

  • Its my right!

    People have the right to put bad things in their body if they want to. I am not saying that it is healthy, but banning all trans fat would be too extreme. This would cause many money problems and would take longer to do than most people would think. In order for people to be healthy they should be ABLE to get trans fats but should chose not too, this would prove that they would be healthy for the rest of their lives, not making trans fats illegal.

  • We (supposedly) live in a free country.

    Banning trans-fat will require a TON of resources, food prices will skyrocket, some people may face hefty fines or even jail, and it probably won't make us any healthier. It comes down to this: PEOPLE OWN THEMSELVES. I don't own anybody, nobody owns me. It is so simple: just let me eat what I want, and you can choose not to eat the same things. I want.
    PLUS, some people may need trans-fat. So they will either be negatively affected or there would need to be some sort of bureaucracy to ration trans-fat, which would take even more money.

  • This is a liberty issue

    The government has no business protecting people from themselves in any matter. It is a restriction on our will and on our ability to make decisions fro ourselves. If I want to eat unhealthy and weigh 300 pounds that is my personal choice. Do we have to live in a world where every potential danger needs to be banned to protect us because we cant make the right decisions? If we decide who gets elected into office elections should be banned because we clearly don't know what we're doing.

  • Let's worry about other things

    How about education? Let's keep laws to a minimum, and up the education. If trans fat is so bad, let's educate people about it. If enough people decide they don't want to consume trans fat, the markets will change, and products containing it will be less common. Banning something just because it's a little harmful is a waste. It angers those of us that want to have freedom to choose for ourselves. I want to make my life instead of having somebody else choose for me.

  • Would be pure ignorance

    A big thing we see with arguments against trans-fats and more is that removing so from our foods would eliminate obesity and help the health of the general populace, which is completely false. Even if this was true, should we really take on the form of a true "nanny state" and nurture our people to protect them from unhealthy choices? I myself being somewhat healthy can consume trans-fats occasionally and miraculously, not become obese and have heart conditions over night. This is due the people who are abusing these foods containing this ingredient, not the ingredient itself. Should we compromise the choices of ourselves and these food producers in exchange to protect the few who abuse trans-fats? As well as this we also come to many problems dealing with the harm people believe these ingredients impose, which is quite little when we look at the general populace consuming these on a day to day basis, and not falling dead from cardiac arrest because they do not abuse the right. We as America can be in good health and live among trans-fats, it is the current, excessive diets of those who are obese or in mal-health which is the problem.
    We should not compromise our choices and freedoms of selection as people, to protect those who make bad decisions.

  • It is none of the governments business!

    The government has no right to limit ALL Americans from eating trans fats. If they were to ban them, than that would mean no Oreos, fried food, or margarine. Also, American's personal life is PERSONAL, and the government should be focusing on other important issues in our world right now.

  • The FDA should not ban trans fat

    Trans fat aka trans fatty acids are in foods because they help preserve food and make then last longer. Trans fat is helpful in this way. It is also useful when it comes to emergencies and natural disasters. Trans fat helps preserve the processed foods we eat to last longer and preserve flavor.

  • The FDA should not ban trans fat

    Trans fat aka trans fatty acids are in foods because they help preserve food and make then last longer. Trans fat is helpful in this way. It is also useful when it comes to emergencies and natural disasters. Trans fat helps preserve the processed foods we eat to last longer and preserve flavor.

  • No the FDA should not ban trans fat.

    As trans fat has been apart of our food for a very long time, people should be able to judge and monitor how much they eat themselves without the government cracking down and saying they can no longer eat it. Everything is fine in moderation as long as you do not go overboard with what you are doing.

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