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  • No taxes should be rasied.

    I do not think the Fed should raise interest rates during the current time or in the future. I honestly think that our interest rates here in American are high enough as it is. If anything, I think the Fed should consider LOWERING interest rates. Especially for college and bank loans.

  • absolutely NOT, NO

    No they shouldn't! I am having a hard time paying off my student loans as it is, and I am a single mom who works 4 jobs and still can't afford to get my own apartment! All of my money goes into debt, some of which my ex-husband so lovingly dumped on me in our divorce. Don't raise them!

  • No, low interest rates stimulate economic growth.

    Keeping interest rates low is important to encourage banks to continue lending money. This allows for investment in business which creates new jobs. In addition to prompting increased investment, this money also contributes to the GDP's growth by spurring on consumption as there is more money available for people to spend.

  • Interest rates should stay low

    The country is still not financially stable, people are still struggling and the worst thing is to increase interest rates that could send them back down to a poverty level.
    Even with low rates, it's hard for people to get loans and those who invest money don't need higher rates as they can invest abroad. Keep them low so people can survive without fear.

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