• Gas Tax Should Increase If Used for Infrastructure

    While most vehicle owners, or anyone who uses gas that is taxed federally, feels as though they are paying too much already, pay as you go is the fairest way to proceed. As long as an increase in the federal gas tax will be used to pay for infrastructure and environmental concerns, then we as a citizenry shouldn't have any issues with it.

  • Yes, the federal gas tax should be increased.

    For many people, this question seems like a no-brainer; most would likely argue against raising the federal gas tax, because cheap gas allows for lower shipping costs and general consumer welfare. But at some point it actually becomes counterproductive, especially considering the limited global supply of petroleum. For longevity's sake if nothing else, we should increase the federal gas tax.

  • No It Should Not

    It is clear that our economy is tightly connected to our gas prices given that the economy has been doing better with lower gas prices. These prices will not stay low for a long time and adding more to the price will hurt us later. Now is not the time to add more to the gas prices.

  • Don't Tax Gasoline

    The price of gasoline is high enough without adding extra taxes. People who often take summer vacations have canceled because of the high cost of gasoline. People have to fit the rice of gasoline into their budgets now just like another bill. It is becoming outrageous and making people angry.

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