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  • Detroit Should Go Bankrupt

    The city of Detroit should be allowed to go bankrupt just like an ordinary citizen would when that person can't pay all the bills. The city failed to scale back programs when the recession sent thousands of people packing due to the auto industry shrinking from the financial crisis. Detroit made mistakes when it didn't scale back funding, so it should rectify the errors by declaring bankruptcy just like an individual.

  • No. Detroit should not receive a federal bail out.

    No. Detroit suffers from poor leadership. Unfortunately, this leadership is elected by the tax paying people of the city. The people of the city of Detroit have created their own problems, and now they are asking for the federal government to simply come into the city and write a large check to bail them out. They have asked for large sums of money, but don't want to be held accountable for what they do with it.

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Quan says2013-12-27T19:39:56.427
Nah. Let it be a prime example of the failure of socialism and big government in general.