Should the federal government commit more funding to programs for students with learning disabilities?

  • Yes they should.

    If the government committed more money to helping children with learning disabilities get a better education then we would have more people that could be churned out into the work force and have productive lives that help keep the economy boosting and will continue to generate more money for the government.

  • Everyone Needs Education

    Education for all students of all ages and various ability levels should be made available and supported by Federal and/or State funds to ensure quality and access to all who wish to take advantage of it. Special funds will ensure the longevity of these programs.No one should ever be left behind.

  • We need money for kids with learning disabilities

    Children need to have a better future for their lives. If they want to grow up and be happy, the government needs to fund money for these children. Children need an education. Children want to live a normal life. And they can't live it without money from the government. If they don't give money then the children would have to find mother way.

  • Encourage Smaller Class Sizes

    I do not believe the federal government needs to commit more funding to programs for students with learning disabilities. We have schools that address the needs of those who are handicapped to the point that they can't function in a normal school setting. I believe it would be smarter for the federal government to commit more funding to public schools period and then cap class sizes more strictly. My son has ADHD and the biggest improvement would be in smaller class sizes. That would help all students, not just a select few.

  • They get so much already.

    No, the federal government should not commit more funding to programs for students with learning disabilities, because the federal government already allocates so much of our money to these people. This money should be given to the talented students, and they could use it to invent things that will help us all.

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