• Yes, the federal government should extend payroll tax cuts.

    Yes, the federal government should extend payroll tax cuts because of its benefit to the average worker. People right now need all the money they can get. The more money that reaches the hands of employees, the more they will end up spending. So in the end, the government is still getting the taxes of the products being purchased. Plus being that this is a capitalistic society and economy, spending money helps strengthen the market for everyone.

  • extend payroll tax

    The Senate approved the $143 billion measure on a 60-36 vote minutes after the House approved it by a sweeping 293-132 vote. Obama is expected to sign it shortly after returning from a West Coast fund raising swing. On Friday in an appearance at a Boeing factory in Everett, Wash., Obama gave lawmakers a verbal fist bump.

  • Payroll tax cuts should be extended

    I think benefits like tax cuts should be extended right now,but not for much longer. Jobs still haven't returned to what they once use to be. Tax cuts and other services are in high demand, it is time for them to be slowed down though. Its tax cuts and benefits like these that help people get out of the red zone.

  • They need it

    No, the federal government should not extend any payroll tax cuts. With the huge deficit that we are in, they need all of the tax money that they can get, so that they will be able to do something about this huge deficit that they are in, we need to pay our share.

  • Very Small Amounts

    I do not believe the federal government should extend payroll tax cuts. This change simply put a few extra dollars in peoples pockets and it didn't actually save them any money in the end. It was initially done because it was thought that it would help stimulate the economy. I think its obvious that it was just another failed policy.

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