Should the federal government get involved with rising college costs?

  • The federal government should get involved with the rising college costs.

    The federal government should get involved with the rising college costs. I would hope that they could demand that the tuition rates be lowered so that everybody has a fair chance at getting a proper education. The amounts that colleges and universities have raised their costs is just ridiculous and something should be done about it.

  • Yes, it should stop subsidizing universities.

    Yes, the federal government should get involved with rising college costs, because the federal government is largely to blame for the costs. The federal government raises the costs of universities, both by giving large grants to the universities and by handing out student loans like it is candy. Insulating students from the costs of college only puts upward pressure on the cost of college.

  • College costs should be controlled

    Everything is becoming too expensive for the working class. That is why there is so much of a disparity in incomes in America. The rich keep getting richer on the backs of the working class. We are being kept down and treated as slaves while the rich get paid by the government for having money.

  • They are the cause

    The federal government, well meaning that it might be in the issue, is almost the sole reason for the rise in college cost. Imagine a pack of gum costs a dollar; if the government decides all people should consume gum, and gives all people 50 cents towards gum purchases between 18 and 22, do you think the rising cost of gum is the fault of greedy gum makers alone?

  • No, the government should not step in.

    College costs are rising due to the large increase in people wanting to go to college. Higher tuition can help students focus on graduating. Nobody wants to pay to retake a class if it costs a lot of money. This will decrease the time it takes for the average student to graduate.

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