Should the federal government have the power to define marriage?

  • The Federal Government Should Define Marriage

    The Federal Government is the ultimate authority, and if they want to define marriage they can say whatever they want about it. Who are we to question the people who have brought us from a society of individuals to a nation of wealth. We need to trust in policy makers to look in our best interest.

  • Someone Has To Define It

    Yes, the federal government should have the power to define marriage. Right now we have some states that recognize same sex marriages, some that do not and other states that refuse to contemplate it. Our country needs to be unified in this. We cannot have different definitions of marriage in different states. Since all states cannot agree on this, then it will have to be up to the federal government to decide the legal definition of marriage so that people who are affected by this are not left in limbo.

  • The Constitution is silent on the issue of marriage

    The Constitution is silent on the issue of marriage. It is not mentioned, and therefore it is not a power delegated to the federal government to regulate. For lawyers, judges and in particular, Supreme Court justices, the inquiry on this issue should end there—right where silence demands judicial inaction. But I do think churches could choose who they want to marry with some state guidelines (not defining) and to issue the license.

  • Politics not personal

    Although individuals do have the power to express there beliefs they are not allowed to impose them on others. The same or close should go for government, if two people want to get married they should have the right to do so . But why should the government or other people decide whether or not this is allowed. Many people come to America for its freedoms. But this is limiting the freedom of American citizens. For centuries kinds of marriage aside from traditional have been considered morally incorrect ,and although many people still feel this way the world is changing and it has been more socially acceptable as of recent years, there should be no law preventing American citizens from marrying because of their sexual orientation.

  • There is no Constitutional power for the federal government to do so.

    Nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government given the power to define marriage. Furthermore, marriage should be defined by the people who are going to partake in it. No governmental body should be able to decide who can and who cannot be married. If people want to say that they are married, they should have that right.

  • The federal government have the power to define marriage

    No, the federal government have the power to define marriage. I stand in this camp, for a number of reasons. First among these is the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." I don't believe that anyone can make a credible case for the notion that the Founding Fathers did not consider marriage to be an "establishment of religion." Thus, as I see it, Congress has no right to attempt to dictate the definition of marriage to people of faith, no matter how noble their intentions may be.The normal justification provided is that marriage has financial benefits, and thus Congress has the power to regulate it as a form of "commerce." This, I think, is a particularly disingenuous back-door route into areas where Congress has no business.

  • The federal government should stay out of citizens' personal lives

    I do not believe that the federal government should have the power to define marriage because that would give politicians the opportunity to deny certain groups from specific rights based on the wording of the laws they pass. Any two consenting adults who wish to get married should be allowed to, without having to meet specific criteria that is established by the government.

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