Should the federal government pay for armed guards in public schools?

  • Armed guards change response time from 1-4 minutes to immediate

    As a veteran I can tell a lot from the sound of a single gun shot. Any trained person can do the same. The moment a firearm is fired on a campus, I would immediately being seeking out the threat to stop it. There is absolutely nothing that will stop a deranged person from entering a campus, but an immediate armed response can significantly reduce the potential loss of life.

  • Armed guards may be necessary to protect our children

    Yes. If armed guards is what it takes to protect our children from rouge shooters, students and adults, then it might be a good investment. It is not ideal, but guards or even metal detectors would go a step toward making our schools safer in general. It is a shame that it would come to this, but whatever it takes to ensure our children's safety.

  • Protection of the citizens.

    The government is around to protect the citizens of this country. Instead of worrying about protecting future generations by paying for armed guards for schools, they spend the money getting involved in wars between other countries. This is not the solution. We need to protect our children to secure our future. Without them, we are nothing. I would much rather the government use the money that I pay in taxes to benefit our country before they use it for the benefit of another.

  • Yes the federal government should pay for armed guards in public schools.

    Yes, I think that it is the responsibility of the federal government to provide protection and support for both teachers and students in public schools through the use of armed guards. Since an increase in school violence has occurred recently, armed guards are needed now more than ever to keep everyone at school safe.

  • Gun free schools.

    Having the federal government pay for armed guards in public schools seems like a pointless act intended to make people feel safer. Personally the sight of armed guards makes me more scared and anxious. It had this effect while I was in Mexico and again when I was in Kashmir. It will inhibit children's ability to learn. Plus, despite what the media leads us to believe, school shootings are not that common. Trying to predict where the next Columbine or Sandy Hook will take place is trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  • Armed Guards Do Not Belong in Schools

    Federal funding would better be spent supporting mental health programs and services in the school setting rather than spending the resources on armed guards. Armed guards do not belong in any public school, no matter how dangerous the neighborhood or how much the media reports on school shootings. Recent sociological studies have shown that the amount of media coverage is increasing even though there is not a rise in school shootings. Spending money and resources on armed guards will not deter the behavior of those who are mentally ill enough to commit massive acts of violence against children. Preventing the mental illness from becoming more dangerous as the individual gets older may deter the behavior.

  • School Systems Should Pay for Armed Guards

    As with most funding for public schools, armed guards should be paid for by individual school districts and not by the federal government. Federal money helps some school districts, but most budgetary moneys come from local property taxes. Paying for armed guards from the federal government is way too expensive and taxes would have to be increased. Because everyone pays taxes, federal money for armed school guards everywhere amounts to socialism since not all school districts have enough funding on their own for armed guards.

  • Federal funds for armed guards in public schools would be much more costly than gun reform.

    If the we as a society get to a point where the government is considering placing armed guards in public schools, then it is time to re-examine gun law for cost purposes if for no other. Placing armed guards in public schools would be an incredibly large government expenditure. It would certainly be much less economically efficient than making radical changes to gun law.

  • No, they should not.

    Armed guards in schools should not happen. Public schools need to feel safe and gun free, having armed guards come in would give students and parents the exact opposite feeling. Just because someone holds a weapon, or a gun, does not mean they will be able to protect the school and their students.

  • That'd be a sign that something has gone wrong for too long

    I work at a school. If it gets to the point of needing armed guards, then it is time to find another job. School shootings don't happen often enough to justify the expense of armed guards. Unless they are going to perform check, then someone could still get in with a weapon and hurt people.

  • No I don't think so.

    I really don't think that armed guards should be placed in schools in the first place, so I don't think the federal government should pay for them. I think that this just creates an atmosphere of fear. I think there are other methods that can be used to make a school safer.

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