Should the federal government recognize civil unions?

  • There people just like you.

    We all have skin, bones, blood, hair, eyes, mouths, noses and ears. We all eat and drink the same things. We all live in houses. We are all the same. Also, in the bible, it never states word for word " BEING GAY IS A SIN" so whoever started that needs to knock it off.

  • Yes, At The Very Minimum

    Gays and lesbians should have the right to marry. Civil unions should be taken as a minimum, but the current laws keep people in committed homosexual relationships at a lower status then hetero couples. Citizens are supposed have equal rights and protection under the law, and sexual orientation shouldn't matter at all.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Yes of corse

    I think gay and lesbian should allowed to be married and marry because there humans, and as long as they love each other, let them live. Love is not a number, nor weight nor size or age or gender. LOve who you want no doubt about it :) love life

  • Government should recognize civil unions

    I am a Christian and I totally get why it goes against God. But people can't tell you who you want to love. You have to chose that yourself. It's your life. What if you were a homosexual? How would you feel? It's basically going against the rights citizens have. I mean, is this who we really are? Why treat a person that's the same species as you, ever so differently? It's heartbreaking. Really it is. And I'm not even a homosexual 😔😞

  • The federal government should recognize civil unions.

    Okay, so people are saying that this may offend God and I get it, for I am a Christian, too. But I have to say this, we were made citizens therefore we have our rights. NO ONE chooses who you want to love. YOU choose that, okay YOU CANNOT TELL THEM. Also, it kinda goes against the Bill of Rights. Amendment #1 states that the government CANNOT choose or support ANY religion. So in this case, they're basicly siding in with Christianity when they refuse to recognize civil unions. I mean in one NO answer somebody said that it dosen't get anything done. Think if you were a gay or lesbian and how would it feel? Just because your gay or lesbian or homosexual you get treated differently when you have rights. Think about it...

  • Yes, I completely support it

    Gay people are just that. PEOPLE. HUMAN BEINGS, just like straight people are. So why shouldn't they be recognized for marriage as well? Not allowing them to marry is against a law or right Somewhere, isn't it? Recognizing this would make them (and me) very happy that someone has finally allowed them to marry

  • Everybody should be treated equally.

    . Who cares what some people think the definition of marriage is. I understand that this may offend god, but YOU have to understand that not everybody has the same beliefs or is entitled to have the same beliefs according to the bill of rights. And just because they cannot have children does not mean they should not marry. The can still adopt children who need homes, and studies show that children raised by homosexual parents do better in school and socially than those raised by straight parents. Should heterosexual couples that have troubles reproducing not be allowed to marry as well? Get real. Also if you think that this might give your children that gay marriage is okay, this may be true... But you should love your kids no matter what life decisions they make.

  • They should be recognized just like heterosexual marriages are recognized.

    They should be recognized just like all other relationships are.
    There should be complete marriage equality . I don't see how it would hurt anyone for them to recognize it. The united states of America is supposedly the free land, therefore gay people and lesbians should be able to get married with the same sex. If we are supposedly free, then we should at least be able to marry the same sex.

  • The federal government should recognize civil unions.

    The federal government should recognize civil unions. They should either do this or legalize gay marriage. Gay marriage does not want to take anything away from heterosexual couples, they just want the same rights that everyone else is free to have. I think the government should do something and quit changing their minds about it.

  • Civil unions should be recognized.

    I believe that the federal government should recognize civil unions. There is no reason for them not to do it. If you are going to prohibit a large portion of your population from getting married and attaining all of the benefits therein, at least allow for civil unions to make things fair.

  • Absolutely not, we should not recognize civil unions.

    Yes, equal rights, but we do have equal rights. And we also have a duty. Not to commit a crime. To be homo is immoral, to kill someone is immoral. These things are ethically wrong, but people want the right to be homo? Our countries laws are based upon the principles taught by Jesus Christ. In our constitution it states a country of God, in the pledge of allegiance it states one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. We say we are a country of God, but we are truly not. We are becoming like sodom and gomorrah

  • Goes against the church

    God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!!!! It is true how love is love and no one can say other wise but coming from a christian, gay and lesbian marriages are and abomination and it is not right from the beginning. Same sex marriages are similar to giving up an abortion. It is the peoples choice, but this is all just my opinion!

  • No, I don't think the government should open marriage up more.

    While I may be in the minority, I feel that marriage should continue to be between one male and one female. Changing marriage in any form might cause people to push for even more changes, such as making polygamy legal. That being said, there are some concerns with same-sex couples wanting to visit one another in hospitals, at end of life, etc. For that reason, and also for single people who aren't married, it would be helpful if there were laws on the books that made it easier for non-related friends and family to be allowed in hospitals, etc. when someone is dying.

  • Separate isn't equal.

    I don't think that the government should recognize civil unions, because I don't think that there should be any such thing as civil unions. We do not have separate but equal accommodations in the United States. It needs to be called what it is: Marriage. And those marriages should be equal in the benefits and privileges given to heterosexual couples.

  • The Should Only Recognize Formal Unions

    I do not believe the federal government should recognize civil unions. Some people may chose a civil union to avoid certain problems with their taxes or other filing statuses. These people should not be forced into doing the things that they are strictly avoiding by not getting legally married. There is another whole part of the population that doesn't even understand what justifies a civil union and would then be put under even more legal ramifications that they don't understand. In the end civil unions are not comparable to marriages and they should not be treated as such.

  • There needs to be one definition of marriage

    So long as there are two different forms of partnership (civil union and marriage) one will always be considered to be better or higher than the other. Regardless of your belief whether gays and lesbians should marry, you should be able to recognize the fact that civil unions don't solve anything. They will still be considered worse than that of a proper marriage and the conflict won't be resolved. The definition of marriage needs to be determined one way or another or you might as well not do anything at all.

  • Its not right

    God has not made us like this we are not suppose to lay with the same sex, its immoral in Gods eyes. As a chirstian it just not right may God have mercy on those souls who agree as in 1 corinthians chapter 6:9-10 says it already. So its no.

  • It is not right

    God would not like this at all because he made adam to make childern with eve he didnt want men to be with men he made women for the right reason so baby can be born so that the childern cand grow up and keep the life line going one question would god like u for this ?

  • Federal Government should not recognize Civil Unions!

    Gay and lesbian marriages are not humanly right. God put every human on earth for a reason, and same sex marriages are not the part of life. The federal government should deny recognizing civil unions mainly because the civil union isn't going to solve anything. This is just my opinion, but it is utterly disgusting and not right.

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