Should the federal judges have intervened in the racially drawn districts in NC?

  • Racial Gerrymandering should be corrected

    If it takes legislation or even judicial action to change districting to make it more fair, then so be it. Race should not be the primary criterion in forming voting districts, especially if it's done to hamper the voting process of a specific race or socioeconomic level. The judges determined that the district boundaries were unconstitutional and should be re-drawn.

  • Yes, they should have.

    Racially drawn districts give unfair advantages to certain canditates and are also prejudicial. While people do not always vote the same as other people who are the same race as them, it is often the case, which is why it is important that districts be more diverse in order for elections to be fair.

  • No, the federal judges should not have intervened in the newly drawn districts in North Carolina.

    The federal judges should not have intervened because I believe it is not their place to decide where the new districts should be drawn. The city council or governor of North Carolina should have created a small, non-biased panel of council members, legislators, and residents from each district. This would have been a more fair way of deciding where the new districts should be drawn.

  • Feds need to stay out of state business

    Feds need to stay out of state business. This is because every time the federal government comes into city and state affairs, the common, everyday citizen gets pushed aside, and so do their local governments. Big Brother needs to go back to his own territory in DC and get back to federal issues.

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