Should the Federal Mining Act of 1872 be changed?

Asked by: megj681
  • 1872 was 142 years ago.

    This act was approved on May 10, 1872, which was over a century ago. This law was formed by prospectors during the Gold Rush, and was meant to promote development and settlement of publicly owned lands. However, almost a century and half later, this law has a heavy environmental price and needs to be reformed.

  • This act gives corporations the right to mine for metals on federally owned ground, if I'm not mistaken.

    Mining is a large industry in the USA, particularly in Aluminum and Iron/Gold rich areas of the country. Changing this act would be a crushing blow to American stationed mining and metal refining industries. If I might add, the land that the corporations would be mining on is federally owned land, so why not? It's not like the corporations are invading privately owned land and destroying it the for the minerals. To sum it up, do not change this act. It promotes economic growth and prosperity for American mining and metal refining factories around the country.

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