• Should be a private company

    Honestly, I just wanted to ruin the 100 percent yes thing because I do not believe in absolutes. Hello from the other side. I must have called a thousand times. My momma don't like you and she likes everyone. And I never liked to admit that I was wrong. I was so caught up in my job didn't know whats going on but now I know. I m better sleeping on my own.

  • It already is! That's the problem

    Our money is COUNTERFEIT. It is FRAUD.
    It isn't backed by anything of value. Not god. Not silver.
    The value of our lives (time and energy) is STOLEN from us by creating fake money which is really currency and attatching a (VERY LOW) set "value" to that currency and making us SLAVE away and waste our lives for it/with it while we run like reta*ded hampsters on wheels getting nowhere while the Not really "federal" EVEIL (by definition) federal reserve des whatever they can to destroy the entire flucking lab we call life...Our Life. Welcome to the world.
    Watch this funny little cartoon because it's true and you'll learn stuff.

  • The federal reserve being a private entity is what caused all of the meltdowns

    The large corporations concocted the great depression, after which they convinced\threatened that it would happen again if the central bank was not implemented. It now has the power to regulate currency, interest rates, and loans to the federal government. It has thus allowed the 1% to have total control over our financial system and therefore our country. If it remains in private hands, which it probably will, the federal government needs to be able to audit the reserve, and be able to mandate restrictions against it. Otherwise we are simply in an oligarchy.

  • No, It is considered to be an independent central bank

    No, The Federal Reserve System fulfills its public mission as an independent
    entity within government. It is not "owned" by anyone and is not a
    private, profit-making institution.The Federal Reserve (the Fed) enjoys a unique public/private structure that operates within the government, but is still relatively independent
    of government.The Federal Reserve System is considered to be an independent central bank.

  • Not at all

    No, it does not need to be a federal company for sure. I think that the way that it is run right now is the best way that it could be ran, and that it needs to be ran the same for as long as we have it in to effect.

  • No, the Federal Reserve should not be private company.

    I do not think the Federal Reserve should be a private company. I would think that if the Federal Reserve were to be a private company, it would be dangerous for the American people. The people who would run the Federal Reserve would not have to adhere to the say of the citizens and be able to be too powerful.

  • That is a government function.

    No, the Federal Reserve should not be a private company, because there would be too much private influence and favoritism. Also, it says in the constitution that the federal government has the right to create and coin money. This is a proper job of the federal government, which should not be left to the private sector.

  • No, The Federal Reserve shouldn't be a private company.

    While the Federal Reserve is independent of the Federal Government it is still oversaw and answers to the Federal Government through hearings and testimony, I believe that the Federal Reserve is perfectly situation as it is, not a Government Organization but not quite a private company and I don't see a reason to tinker with this right now.

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