• Yes, the Federal Reserve should be.

    The Federal Reserve is neither Federal not a Reserve. It is privately owned with no oversight. It does what it pleases for its own good. It runs with a business like mind and not for the good of the people. It was designed to keep people in debt thereby forever being a slave to it.

  • It should first be Audited

    Then once the people realize all the bad deeds they have caused, the people will not need another reason to abolish the privately owned central bank, and yes this bank does have owners as 6 percent dividends are given out every year to private entities. Market bubbles are caused by Central Banks.

  • Of course it Should! The Fed itself should be dismantled!!!

    Not only has the Fed caused economic insecurity for over a century now through controlled inflation and "economic easing", but the only citizens in the US that benefit from the Fed are rich, powerful elites that have close ties from within the Fed. Several recessions and depressions have been caused because of this corrupt "organization" because they only get more powerful and has been the one of the sole reasons of each of America's recessions since the 1910's up to the housing market crash we are still recovering from.

  • History has shown that old money and government inevitably leads to corruption.

    A. The Federal Reserve title is purposefully misleading in its name. It is in no way shape or form a federal institution.

    Ben S bernanke in my opinion is not the problem himself he is just a chosen public figure of numerous old money family patriarchs. This is why auditing would allow to fully understand who are the true investors of the federal reserve and investigate how their actions have impacted previous and current geopolitical and domestic events.

    C. It is our democratic responsibilty to ensure that our taxpayers money be fully accounted for. Fight for your rights to have government transparency or no one else will.

  • Corrupt Secret Society

    The federal reserve is the reason our country is in debt and also is the reason for corruption. The federal reserve is a private bank owned by power individuals to start a new world order and here is a fact for you. Two presidents have tried to audit the bank, one succeeded and one failed. Andrew Jackson succeeded and also avoided to assassination attempts. JFK was starting the process and was murdered, coincidence? Look it up. Research it.

  • We have the right to know.

    I do think that the Federal Reserve should be audited, the reason being that our currency, and the currency being used for trade internationally, is the dollar. We all have the right to know how much is being printed, why it's being printed, and whether anyone is profiting from it. The Federal Reserve is privately owned. Auditing it is the least we could do.

  • Yes it should

    Not only should it be audited, it should be disbanded and the government should continue issuing the currency, and let the free market influence the interest rates. The Federal Reserve is one of the biggest blemishes in American political history. It is enslaving every American, including the unborn, to life long, unending debt.

  • Yes, the Federal Reserve should be audited.

    Let's be honest here folks, oversight in general is never a bad thing. I am of the opinion that the Federal Reserve could use quite a bit more oversight than they have currently. Where the money is going that they are dealing with is largely unknown, and that is not right.

  • I see no point

    Even if it was audited, it's not like they would face any consequences, we need a lot more than one measly audit to tell us how corrupt they are but we can't do anything, we need to hold them responsible for the 97% of the value of the dollar we, lost since this system was created in 1913.

  • The Federal Reserve shouldn't be audited.

    The Federal Reserve has a very difficult job to do. They are essentially tasked with making sure that the financial world as we know it does not collapse upon itself. Because of this, there really is no reason to burden them with increased oversight or micromanaging, that's what I say.

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