Should the Federal Reserve continue to provide a "stimulus" to help overcome a weak job market?

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  • We are broke as a country.

    How can we even think about just handing out money for people to go spend, when our school systems are severely overdue on funds? It's not only the schools but anyone in poverty and low-income housing. There are people that cannot pay their bills or feed their families, but we want to send out checks so that they can go shop at the mall?

  • No, I don't believe they should.

    The continued stimulus is just creating another bubble in the stock market. Currently it is at unnatural highs given the reported earnings from most companies. They need to start tapering so we can really see where the economy is at. If they do it slowly there won't be a major crash, but if they continue, the bubble will burst.

  • No the Fed (Federal Reserve) should not be making any attempt to address a weak job market.

    The prime mandate of the Federal Reserve should not be to control the nation's jobless rates. As a central bank the Federal Reserve (Fed) should have the prime mandate to controlling inflation is the United States' economy. The develop and growth of jobs should be the result of open market conditions.

  • The Fed has done enough

    The Federal Reserve should not provide any more stimuli to the economy. The problem with the job market is that business are overtaxed and over regulated. They have to provide health care to full-time employees or pay a fine. This makes it more cost effective to hire part-time employees and increase overtime.

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