Should the feds interfere in states where marijuana is legal?

  • Ganja ruins lives

    Weed makes perfectly normal teenagers turn gay. I can't allow that to happen to America. That's what the Al-Qaeda wants. Wiz Kahlifa is an enemy of the state. He is an agent of the terrorists with his nonsense talk of "rolling up" and his Partner Juicy J has been proven to take multiple hits off of the lean.

  • Marijuana is a very addictive dangerous drug that is destroying America

    The Feds need to step in and withhold federal funding to all states that have passed marijuana laws, including medical marijuana. Then they need to go in and raid all retail medical marijuana stores/outlets and all other retail outlets. All drug dealers need life sentences with no chance of parole. Dealers selling to children need to killed.

    Seeing all the young teenage stoners at the Seattle Hempfest smoking pot in the open is just the tip of the iceberg. The Washington law is that you must be 21, and you cannot smoke it in the open. More and more teenagers are being totally screwed up by pot, and it damages their brains.

    The Federal Government needs to do something fast.

    The video tells it like it is, not the BS pushed by pot heads and NORML.

    Video: Is marijuana harmless?


    You will not get a honest poll at DDO, because most the members at pot heads and teenagers, and too many non-members post as Anonymous, where they can vote more than once. Even DDO members can post once as a members, and then post as many times as they want as Anonymous; these polls at DDO are a complete joke.

  • Marijuana ruins lives.

    Marijuana is a highly addictive DRUG that causes hallucinations, strange behavior, and violence.

    By banning marijuana, the government is saving lives. Not only does it save the lives of the users, it also saves the lives of the people that may be killed as a result of the users' actions.

    Most people use the excuse "But marijuana is natural." Yes, it is natural, but poison dart frog venom, poisonous berries, lead oxide, and poison ivy are natural too, and you wouldn't try any of those if you had half a brain.

  • No, Prohibition is a failure.

    No, the federal government has no constitutional authority to interfere with States on this issue. Drug prohibition is a 40 year old failure. People should have the freedom to use it for recreation if they so choose. It seems clear that the two groups that oppose decriminalization are correctional officer unions, police unions, and the people that profit from illicit black markets.

  • The government shouldn't interfere with the choices of individuals.

    The government has no place interfering with the choices of individuals. It is a violation of their right to choose, and even if they choose poorly, it's their body and they have every right to do to it what they please. The government cannot protect people from themselves, and need to learn to stay out of people's lives.

  • They Need To Stay Away

    The feds need to mind their own business and stay out of states' business when it comes to marijuana. If a state decides to legalize or decriminalize marijuana and think it is in their best interest, then they should be allowed to without being monitored. Sometimes the government just needs to fall back.

  • Marijuana works as a healing drug

    Studies have shown that cannabis actually helps fight certain forms of cancer. Also, while I think it should be illegal for someone over 21 without some sort of illness, if you have a licensed dealer who sells it to someone, given a certain standard of health issues, I think it could be used properly. Marijuana has been the only miracle drug that works for a lot of people, in a lot of cases. It's done some wonderful works for children who spend their whole lives physically sick.

    Also, like I said, assuming someone is over 21, if they want to go to a licensed dealer and mess up their life, then that's their own business.

  • It's Marijuana. Get over it.

    Of all of the things the government can and should be spending money on, Marijuana policing is not one of them. If these anti-pot morons actually understood the span of usage in this country, they would have a heart attack, so I really don't think that it's "destroying our country" I really don't understand why this is even an issue anymore.

  • They shouldn't interfere with something that is allowed

    The feds shouldn't interfere in states where marijuana is legal. Marijuana may have negative effects, but is also has positive effects such as medicinal reasons. In a state where marijuana is legal, the feds should not interfere because marijuana is a right. It would not be fair if they were to interfere in a state where littering is legal or serving alcohol after three in the morning is legal.

  • Undermining Self-Sustainability, Nonetheless Undermining Alternative Health Solutions

    Truthfully, individuals who believe that CANNABIS not marijuana understand the cannabis plants true medicinal values. Nonetheless, society is continously baffled at the false ideologies that are stigma's to cannabis. Prime examples include the theories of the so called gateway drug, in fact ths is the prrimary answer from many that oppose cannabis as an alternative health solution. However, do these opposing sides realize the term gateway drug? In fact, if you take these terms individually and create a relative understanding, many individuals might begining to realize that they are also taking what essentially is called a gateway drug. Additionally, for parents who have children diagnosed with specific mental ailments, truthfully may not realize that they are essentially giving their children gateway drugs. Nonetheless, in minor defense for the opposers of cannabis, there are articles available that express as to how cannabis MAY influence schizophrenic as well as anxiety like symptoms, however there is a vital role mentally that takes place in accordance to these findings. Yet, when cannabis is weighted with the side effects of "legal drugs" (e.G. Vicodin, tylenol, aderall, xanax) it would be clear to see which "drug" contains more of a risk to humanity.






  • Making drugs illegal is unconstitutional.

    Except for the 18th amendment, there is nothing in the constitution which grants to Congress the power to regulate the sale or possession of anything let alone marijuana. In addition, the 10th amendment relegates the power to the states and the people. Federal drug laws are a complete usurpation of power.

  • The government should keep to themselves.

    Whether it be for medicinal purposes or recreation, we should not have unnecessary federal interference in states where the people have chosen to legalize marijuana. Laws that govern our society are supposed to be chosen and implemented for the benefit of us as a nation, states that have chosen to legalize this plant have stated that anti-marijuana laws are no longer relevant or beneficiary to them.

  • No they should not interfere because it shouldn't be prosecuted.

    There is no reason to prosecute the use of cannabis. Not only would the feds be trampling over the states ability to make decisions, they are causing pain and suffering by prosecuting and imprisoning people for cannabis. The whole thing should be stopped and people should be able to use weed if they choose.

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GWL-CPA says2013-09-02T16:56:25.343
Marijuana is a very dangerous drug. All states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana need to be shut down by the Federal Government. The DOJ needs to take action now.

Everyone should watch this video:

Video: Is marijuana harmless?