Should the feminist movement seek a ban on pornography?

  • One word: Kek

    I´m not a Feminist, but it would be hilarious to see them advocating for what their counterpart (religious puritans) wants as well. Its purely an Opinion based on Emotions without regarding any facts. But hey, that´s what FeminISIM turned into so no problems here, right? Who cares that women want to watch porn as well? Who cares that some women WANT to become a Porn star and make good money that way? All that´s important is the Ideology after all.

  • Women are more than sex!!!

    Why should women degrade themselves? When we are making great changes in the world everyday. Men only want porno because it get then horny, so they can either have sex with their significant other or go out and buy some cheap slut. Who wants to watch porn anyway? I will tell you who, desperate people. If you want to have sex, then just wait, find someone special to share your feelings with. Why waste your time when all you want is sex. God didn't make man to be hoes and have sex all of the time, he made man to share feelings with a woman, and extend the generation so that more people can learn about his greatness. If you just want sex God created masterbation for a reason, dont be a hoe. Help ban pornography.

  • I agree with it. This atrocity has got to go!

    Porn is a danger to us all. It is an evil that has to be destroyed for good. If there was no porn, the world would be a better place to live in and the women of the world would be safe. I stand with those know the truth. Thanks.

  • To those born of the penile persuasion; porn is a long, hard, veiny journey through loneliness and inadequacy.

    These enormous tallywhackers on display for your entertainment are all an illusion. As im sure we've all seen in the popular film "Buckets of Cum 3, the Cumminent", our natural splooge leaves much to be desired compared to the buckets as seen on tv. It is the moral thing, nay, the duty of the femininst movement to swallow their throbbing pride; and ride the porn industry to the ground.

  • Ban it men are evil perverts and forcewomen to do these vile acts

    It's evil that men are forcing women to carry out disturbing acts on camera for money, these women are so scared and are not allowed to say no otherwise they risk being killed by these evil men, these women doing porn are paid far less than they're male counterparts and are sometimes not paid at all and are even raped on camera, and nothing happens when they report it male judges just ignore them, all men should be castrated at birth and the orgasm banned. For thousands of years women hate sex but have been raped by they're husbands this has to stop, it's not natural at all children should be conceived in a lab it's the 21st century.

  • Women need to stand up and say no.

    Everyone is saying that men drive the porn industry. Why do we give men an opportunity to do this? Why do we stand by and let them make us look like sexual objects? Although you are right that sometimes it is the men’s problem, actually none of them are stepping up and saying no, so instead of being victims and acting like we are weaker and lesser to them, we need to stand up and show them that we will not be exploited like this. Porn affects everyone, children, men and women and therefore, saying it is their own individual choice is a lame excuse. It is damaging everyone.

  • Women love porn

    As a male out of the 5 girlfriends I've had, 3 of them have been porn addicts! But it's common that feminists don't fight for what most women want, most women hate feminism. Feminism has forced women into the work force and taken them away from they're children that they are genetically programmed to be close to.

  • What could be more liberating then porn?

    The women in pornography are not victims and in fact are very smart. The sex industry is huge! They get paid to sell it and trust me they know you will buy it. I cannot even think of anything more liberating for a woman than to get money from men just by showing some skin. If the men are dumb enough to buy it we will always be willing to sell it!

  • No, it wouldn't help

    Pornography in and of itself is not an issue, when it comes to the feminist movement. Societal attitudes towards women is the problem. That and, I think that feminism is about letting women follow whatever dreams they want. If a woman wants to be involved in the pornography industry, that is her choice. Feminism is all about choice.

  • Woman's choice empowerment

    Some fill it's against ladies wishes, some ladies feel it makes them confident. Bigger women claim they now felt desired, ladies say it's what I choose. This is still a "Do as I say society". Puritan Feminism is anti-choice. Women making money , is now anti woman , anti choice.

  • Feminism is about equality, not domination.

    Feminism is about seeking equality for women, not about seeking to dominate men as women were dominated in Western culture for centuries. There is no equality in banning something that allows women to take control of their sexuality and choose to use their bodies in the way that they please.

    Yes, women are objectified in pornography, but so are the men in those films. The women in those films chose to use their bodies that way, just as the men did. Pornography is a great example of a place where women are relatively equal to men in terms of their place and status.

  • No, the feminist movement should not seek a ban.

    I am a woman, and I don't agree with pornography. That being said, a woman has the choice to say no to doing porn or even buying porn. It is fifty fifty. If you don't want to view porn, then don't buy it, don't support it. It is your choice, but a ban would be stupid.

  • Feminists Are Hypocrites

    Feminist: Do I have a moment of your time?
    Guy: Sure. What is it?
    Feminist: Are you aware of the societal pressures men put on women to look beautiful?
    Guy: Okay. Go on.
    Feminist: Thousands of women are forced into prostitution and pornography to make ends meet.
    Guy: Why is that?
    Feminist: Most of the good paying jobs are taken by men when they should be given to the capable women who deserve them. Men need to understand that women are people too. We have feelings and emotions and we aren't pieces of meat.
    Guy: Ummm... Okay?
    Feminist: I"ll tell you what. We're having our annual Topless Women rally to support women's rights in a couple of weeks. Why don't you come check us out?
    Guy: Okay. Sounds good.

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