• celebrated in December

    Nothing – not Iranian or North Korean nuclear weapons, not violent extremists or Mid east instability, not climate change or economic imbalances – will shape the world as profoundly as the ability of the United States to remain an effective and confident world player advocating its traditional global purpose of individual rights and open society.

  • Festivals from different faiths need not be celebrated equally in December.

    No, festivals from different faiths should not be celebrated equally in December because not all religious festivals in December carry the same weight for their adherents. Each different faith has a few important holidays that occur annually. For some faiths, their most important festivals are in fact, in December. But this is not always the case. For that reason, it is not important to give festivals of different faiths equal weight for December holidays, but rather their important festivals should be given equal weight for their adherents throughout the year, no matter when they occur.

  • No: Different Faith Festivals Should Not be Celebrated Equally in December

    To celebrate the religious faiths equally would create an artificial elevation of religios beliefs and traditins that a majority of people may not be familiar with or want to participate in. Equal tolerance of all religious festivals should absolutely be practiced, but trying to celebrate them equally would be absurd. For those who genuinely enjoy their religious traditions, it is enough to be able to practice your particular religion without harassment or discrimination, regardless of how it is accepted at large.

  • Overload of Holidays

    Festivals of every faith shouldn't be celebrated in December because there is a disproportionate number of people in each father. In America, there are more Christians than anyone else so Christmas should be celebrated more. In terms of government offices, a generic "Happy Holidays" should suffice even though Hanukkah, Yule and Kwanzaa are appropriate celebrations.

  • Up to the people

    No, there should not be a festival of every faith equally done in the month of December. For a lot of faiths December may not mean nothing to them, so they would want their holiday on a month that is important to them. I think it should stay how it is.

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