Should the fetus be chosen above the mother if she would and is dying? (Pro-life only.)

Asked by: MizzEnigma
  • It hasn't had the chance to live yet

    The mother has had plenty of time to live and experience the world , the fetus hasn't even begun yet. The fetus should be able to have a life too. Who knows what that person could do for the world? Maybe it could be the next Einstein or even the next Beethoven.

  • They're both human

    A fetus can't ethically be chosen over its dying mother. I believe fetuses are people, but of course so are their mothers. If a woman will die if she doesn't get an abortion, then it would be immoral and unfair to deny her the opportunity to live. However I dislike this question because it's so obvious what everyone's going to pick. Who would say yes to this? This is really the only situation I can think of in which an abortion would be acceptable

  • Its the mother's choice.

    Honestly we are losing a life anyway. Its also depends...Does the mother have any other children? She cannot leave them motherless right? And maybe the mother and her husband wants to try again. Who are we to deny them a proper family?

    I believe it is the mother's choice them. I mean what if the father is dead? The who will raise the would be child? There is too many factors and I believe no one can force the mother to sacrifice her life.

    It is her choice and we should respect whatever she choses.

  • Choosing the fetus' "chances" over the mothers is ridiculous.

    If there is a pregnancy complication killing the mother, chances are she's actively dying and won't survive until the due date anyways. Either the baby is old enough to survive on its own and gets delivered by C-section, or it's not and it gets aborted. Denying an abortion to give the struggling fetus "a chance" is only going to result in two dead bodies.

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Godgirl says2015-11-03T23:29:10.823
Pro life only? That's not fair.
Godgirl says2015-11-03T23:31:05.797
Ugh, didn't mean to post the previous comment. But shouldn't pro choice supporters be able to answer this?
MizzEnigma says2015-11-04T13:15:26.290
Yeah, but their answers would be obvious -> no, as they believe she already has a choice to do with it what she wants. There are pro-life members that actually would choose the fetus over the mother, believing that the fetus has a more would-be potential and valuableness. I'm waiting to see if they will vote and give their reasoning, because some of them have different trains of thought on this concept.
Godgirl says2015-11-04T13:56:23.717
Okay, but to me it seems like everyone would pick the mother, regardless of what side they're on. I guess we just have to wait and see . . .
MizzEnigma says2015-11-04T15:56:26.713
Yup. I'm just crossing my fingers that no trolls arrive.
Godgirl says2015-11-04T16:24:57.087
Good luck . . .