• Yes the issues should receive more attention.

    I believe the FHWA census issues should be receiving more attention in the media. Too often these days our media focuses on the hot topics that audiences want to hear about, celebrities, sports, etc. These topics may be interesting but the important issues such as the FHWA census issues must be covered in full length as well.

  • FHWA census issues are worthy of more attention

    The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) overseas the federal funds to keep interstate highways and structures safe and maintained. Recent census issues have arisen that have shown that there are multitudes of structural issues that are safety issues, and that traffic control and congestion are at unacceptable levels in many areas. However, these issues have been largely ignored by both the government and the media. The FHWA is mostly funded by the federal gasoline tax. This puts it in a precarious position. Recent concerns with the rising cost of gas has made concerns about infrastructure (which could in turn, raise this tax) highly unpopular.

  • Yes it should

    I think that the FHWS census needs to be receiving more attention mainly because it isn't really receiving any. It is not easy to find out information about the census and no one is really talking about it and it's implications. It shouldn't be the top story, but they should cover it.

  • FHWA census issues are not an FHWA problem

    Federal Highway Administration uses census information to predict road usage. These predictions lead to huge contracts for regional road repair or lack thereof. This data is taken from the US Census Bureau who is responsible for this every ten years. Even the census bureau can only do so much for accuracy and other issues. The main people responsible for FHWA census data is actually the people. If you don't answer the door for the census people or fill out the forms they send you, then their data is that much more inaccurate.

  • no, I do not think so.

    The FHWA census issues are already being discussed enough. It's good to keep the idea in the news and media so it is addressed, but do not beat it to death the point that people will start getting tired of hearing about it. When that happens, no one really cares.

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