• The Filibuster should be Overhauled.

    The Filibuster is an anachronistic strategy and it has no place in a modern government. The Filibuster acts to waste time and prevent the passage or rejection of bills. Our assembly is already too involved in partisan bickering. Congress should agree to outlaw this outdated practice in favor of more constructive strategies.

  • Majority tyranny sucks.

    Our founding fathers were very concerned about the horrors of majority tyranny. As we saw with slavery and segregation, when a political majority uses their power to minimize the influence of others, what we get are extreme policies and terrible oppression. The filibuster protects us from being entirely governed by a small majority in the senate by giving the minority party the power to stall votes. The filibuster also saves the time of the House of Representatives and the president. If a bill could get through the senate without bipartisan cloture, it is dramatically more likely to die on the house floor or president's desk. The filibuster also ensures that all bills will be properly debated until at least sixty senators are pleased with the debate. Is allowing the people you picked to debate legislation to debate legislation really that bad of a thing?

  • No, it is fun.

    No, the filibuster should not be overhauled, because it is an interesting way to make people more interested in politics. The filibuster is only used when a vote is very close, so when most people want a bill to pass, they can force a vote. The filibuster is interesting, and the only reason I've ever watched CSPAN-2.

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