• The fine arts are good when the economy can handle the extras.

    Fine arts should be cut from public education because their is too much taxpayer strain on public schools as it is. This money should be diverted into teaching more science and math skills to the students. Fine arts is all well and good when the government is flush with cash, but that is not going to be a reality for a long time.

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  • The arts, along with other auxiliary things, should be slashed

    The arts, sports and physical education should be slashed, but let's keep to the arts. While yes it is an outlet for a very small percentage of kids in school, let's remember that there is plenty of room for dabbling in the arts at home. There is no need for 100 percent of citizens to fund the 10 percent of students who want to fill up half their schedule playing.
    Unlike foreign language, history, politics, english, and the infinite areas within STEM, the arts will quickly be sought out by those who have an affinity for it, and can be funded, learned, and succeed in at home. You don't need a trained professional to develop an artist, but you do for a political specialist, scientist, language expert, english master etc...
    Furthermore, all of the studies that show how beneficial the arts are because of higher performance on tests by art students can be disproven that these art students tend to be smarter than average and would perform better anyway. As for the attendance and happiness rating that is unusually high for students who take a lot of fine arts classes--wouldn't you love school too if you got to do what you love with like minded people while the other students trudge through difficult classes that were required as groundwork for getting to what they truly want?

  • We should not cut the Arts.

    WIthout Fine Arts in my education, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I've tried it all, Whether it be music, Art, Sports, Or clubs. I can confidently say that out of all of these, Arts has changed my life more than anything else. If you honestly think that your child would better without the Arts, You might want to reconsider, You might have a musical genius or an amazing artist underneath.

  • No dude chill

    Look at the research bro. From the doobies to presidents, the arts have created many legends not only in the arts. The men who landed on the moon enjoyed a music or art class back in the day bro. Dont be flabergasted by the ridicule of your own demise. Viva las arte!

  • Education without Arts and Humanities is incomplete.

    Students who participate in activities such as band, choir, or drama have been found less likely to drop out of school, use drugs, alcohol, or be arrested. This helps break the school to prison pipeline. The arts have the potential to enhance academic performance and enhance teamwork as well as communication skills with peers. It also gives a voice to students who feel they have no voice.

    STEM is important, yes. But not everyone is a scientist, mathematician, or interested in technology. Why are we consistently trying to put round pegs into square holes?

  • No they shouldnt

    The fine arts gives students motor skills, creativity, and emotional balance. Playing an instrument, singing, and acting gives students a boost of confidence that some need. It gives you freedom to be the individual they have always wanted to be. The fine arts develop neural systems that produce a brod spectrum of benefits. The fine arts also raise test scores. It's a proven fact that the smartest kids in schools are the ones involved in the fine arts.

  • No, fine arts should not be cut from education.

    No, fine arts should not be cut from education. Arts education is an important part of a well-rounded education and exposure to arts is critical in developing a well balanced, diversified work force. Evidence exists that show benefits in multiple areas from exposure to fine arts, as society and culture in general benefit from education in the arts.

  • No we shouldn't

    We would be loosing a potential Beethoven or Mozart or even the next Da Vinci if we cut the fine arts from public education. There are other areas that could be utilized to implement stronger fine arts programs in the schools. We could always start funding for these students. They have to have an outlet just like the jocks have their sports. Art develops a students imagination and mind and it can relax the students.

  • No, fine arts should not be cut from public education.

    It is tempting to cut away the fringes of public education (art, music, creative writing) and focus more heavy on the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, medicine). Unfortunately, if students are not exposed to the fine arts in the classroom, they may never be exposed to it at all. Just as a single parent working two jobs finds it difficult to volunteer at their child's school, they also find it difficult to find time for the museum or the opera.

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