Should the firearm industry pay for the cost of gun violence?

  • DUH they should

    YES gun violence is a huge issue in America and none of the violence would have been caused if the seller hasn't sold the gun to the buyer sort of like a recalled toy the company pays for the accident that their product has caused then they take it off the shelf's guns should be like that come on people!! I I I I I I I THINK THINK

  • Yes, but not entirely

    I think that it is the basic responsibility of any large organization to make sure that its products are used in the correct way. I work in the beer industry, and we work very hard to make sure people don't drive drunk nor do they become alcoholics. In fact, the industry as a whole puts in a lot of time and money for these causes--it's our responsibility. Why should the gun industry be any different?

  • Guns don't cause school shootings the mind does.

    Gun companies do not give people the mindset to want to kill, and in the case of accidental deaths that is more the gun owners fault then anything. The world will likely always have guns and people who sell them, its a matter of safety that will stop gun violence.

  • The manufacturer should not have to pay for stupidity

    Just because some idiot went out and shot a someone doesn't mean that the seller should be at fault. Reason being is because after the payment for the gun is made it is the responsibility of the buyer not the seller. Would you blame Bic if someone got stabbed with a pen. NNNNOOOO you wouldn't, what is the difference.

  • I said no but this can is under 1 circumstance

    I wouldn't say they should pay if the correct steps are taken to insure that the person has a clean records and is able to handle a fire arm correctly. It is not the industry's job to watch over the people who buy their guns. That is the gun holders choice what they wish to use the firearm for

  • Should the Toyota or Honda companies pay for the cost of car accidents?.

    Guns don't make people want to kill. Certain drugs make people want to kill. Guns are a tool and it's not the manufacturers fault most of the time. In that sense we should blame the tobacco companies for lung cancer, the junk food companies for heart disease and the violent video game companies for murderers.

  • No, it isn't their fault.

    Gun violence is not the fault of the firearm industry and they should not be held liable for the damages. Gun violence is more closely aligned with illegal activities, such as drugs, stealing and other crimes. People who go through the legal channels to get guns rarely are involved in gun violence, so the industry is generally not responsible. It is not the fault of the industry that people who are not allowed to have guns find illegal means of purchasing one.

  • They are not responsible

    When it comes to gun violence, I do not think the firearm industry should be required to pay for the cost of gun violence. I'm sure some people may think otherwise; however, this is just my opinion. The gun industry is not responsible for violence, the people who commit the violence is.

  • The firearm industry should not pay for the cost of gun violence.

    The firearm industry manufactures guns but does not force them upon consumers and does not have any influence on the decisions of those who purchases guns The majority of gun violence is the result of intentional choices on the behalf of gun owners. The firearm industry, therefore, not be forced to pay the cost of gun violence because it is not the negligent party.

  • No, firearms are for sports.

    No, the firearm industry should not pay for the cost of gun violence, any more than car manufacturers are responsible for traffic crashes from drunk drivers. The firearm industry makes weapons for hunting, and for sport. They cannot help it if people use their products to commit crimes. The people who misuse the products should be prosecuted.

  • Families of Convicts Should Pay

    Families of those convicted of gun violence should pay for the cost of such violence. The problem isn't from guns, the problem stems from parents and families who don't pay enough attention to their children. Jared Lee Loughner's family should owe millions of dollars to his victims. The families of those who are convicted already suffer, but at least the convicts' families know their loved one is still alive and unharmed. Loughner gets to spend the rest of his life in a medical facility in Springfield, Mo. His victims who died can't come back whatsoever.

  • People commit crimes

    Absolutely not! We have all heard it too many times. People commit crimes, not guns. I support the people being able to arm themselves, protect themselves and their families by owning a firearm. I believe it should be a lot easier to buy a handgun and no laws should ever be placed that take away from our constitutional rights bear arms. Today, more then ever, we need to be able to protect our families from those who would do our families harm. But many people who protect themselves are charged with crimes instead. Its just wrong and goes against our rights as a people.

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