Should the flag of the Confederate States of America be flown at government buildings?

  • It is heritage not hate

    The confederate flag is apart of our history and its part of who we are. It's part of what formed us and made us who we are today and the state is trying to represent that. We also would like to fly it because it honors the brave men who died on the battlefield.

  • Why would this need to be regulated?

    The American South was a nation that had a lot of pride and individually run states. It, just like the United Sates, was founded on the idea of states running on their own and not needing to be completely controlled. For some reason we have gotten too caught up in the fact that some people might get offended by what the flag could represent, even though those who use it, use it as a representation of states rights, and we lost the beautiful idea that we don't need this to be controlled and we can make our own decisions, as states, cities and individuals. We shouldn't need to worry about the federal government's desire, the states have the right to fly what they want, if that is over their buildings, or what is on their state flag.

  • Yes it should.

    The confederate flag is part of the history of America. The flag was not a symbol of slavery, it was a symbol of the Patriots that died for our country. It was a part of our heritage. The only reason we are having this debate is because of the Charleston church shooting. It is not of what it was about in history.

  • In a historical or ceremonial context it is appropriate.

    The flag of the Confederate States of America can be flown at government buildings if it is for historical or ceremonial reasons. An example would be a state government building flying historical flags to commemorate the anniversary of a war or the founding of the state. In Louisiana this could include the French, Spanish, and Confederate flags.

  • The flag of the Confederate States of America should be flown at government buildings.

    The flag of the Confederate States of America should be flown at government buildings. The flag is just as important as any other flag that is flown at government buildings. Without that flag, then most of the buildings would not be standing today. I think they should keep them all up.

  • Confederates were treasonous

    These people/states pulled out of the United States because they did not want to end slavery. They then fought against the United States! The government of the United States (the Union) rejected the claims of secession and considered the Confederacy illegally founded. The War began with the Confederate attack upon Fort Sumter and the Confederates LOST.
    The Constitution of the United States defines as a treasonable offense any “act of war” against the United States or any “aid and comfort” given to enemies of the United States. . . Which means that the Confederates were criminals, Traitors and should not be praised and worshipped with statues and flags but should be shamed and should have been punished for what they did! Unacceptable that people still do not get that

  • More than 70% of Americans and even Southerners agree the South was wrong in shooting at Ft. Sumpter and breaking from the U.S.

    This controversy over the Confederate Flag is pointless given that the Civil War was fought over 150 years ago. African Americans have joined with sympathetic whites in the 1950's and 1960's to heal the old wounds of racism and hatred. Only a shrinking minority of Southerners (mostly rural and not educated) support old Southern ways including honoring the Confederate flag or values. These are only regional biases found in the South and the majority of those in the Northeast, Midwest, and West solidly against.

  • It is part of US History, but no

    As Americans, we should study our own history. The Confederate flag is part of that history, and although the Civil War wasn't solely fought about slavery, that was a big part of it. To most people that flag represents slavery and oppression, and since it does, I don't think it should be displayed at government buildings.

  • It is not a state flag.

    No, the flag of the Confederate State of America should not be flown at government buildings, because it is not the official government flag of anything. The Confederate flag is no longer official. It would be no different than flying any other flag of the past. The Confederate flag is not official, so it should not be flown at official buildings.

  • No, It Shouldn't

    I believe one of the things that shocked me the most about moving from the Midwest to the south was the common occurrence of the Confederate flag. To me, the Confederate flag is a symbol of the people who had broken ideals during the American Civil War, those who couldn't justify giving up slaves. It seems odd to me that people would want to hold on to this symbolism and I do not believe it should be flown at any government building, for any reason.

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