Should the focus of public high schools be on building practical skills rather than scholarly knowledge?

  • Teach for life after school

    How many times do we have talk about the holocaust? I can think of 5 or 6 classes I took that talk about the holocaust and what happened but not a single time did I learn how to file my taxes. High schools should have at least 1 credit hour of school each years just on practical things like taxes, balancing a check book, how credit works, etc.


    I believe that we should talk about practical skill in schools! Knowledge will not let you live a successful life. You will not know what to do in situations if you are only book smart. Teaching SOME practical skills and book smart will help people have a better life. I am an old hag and if i were taught practical skill I would have a whippersnapping life and those youngsters should be taught context about LIFE ENDING situations!

  • Schools need both

    No children need both forms of education. Proactive knowledge will be helpful in life skills. Without academic knowledge people are basically ignorant. There is a lot of value in academic knowledge. Scholarly knowledge allows students to learn about many aspects of literature, history, philosophy, psychology, geography, and many more. Practical skills are only as good as what you make them. They serve no other purpose. Without scholarly knowledge, people would be unable to make logical decisions, critically think, do proper research, challenge conventional wisdom, or carry on an intellectual conversations.

  • NO, more prefrence should be given to knowledge

    I think max preference should be given to knowledge based education rather than skill based education b'coz some students who r gud in academics but not so good in other sections like sports, music, dance etc. B'coz of this only they lack good marks in he final report card. Even if they score full marks in daily tests or unit tests, they lack in their marks. Those students who are good in just sports or any other activity gain their marks freely witout learning anything from the text.

  • This is why we need a neither option.

    Both practical skills and theoretical knowledge are largely necessary for a young adult to prevail in the world today, especially considering what each job area the respective individual is going into. Some jobs just require more practical knowledge, some theoretical scholarly knowledge. It is foolish to suggest that the focus of high schools should pin down either one, but should instead offer both.

  • No, at this level, scholarly knowledge is more important.

    There is time after a student's public high school education for him to focus on building practical such as a trade or technical career. Students need to build a scholarly base of knowledge or they will not be successful in the technical field that they may choose. Concentrate on the basics of education first.

  • No, but prepare for college and careers

    Schools are doing such a poor job with college prep or career prep students should be allowed a choice of what to focus on. And schools should be focusing their energies on those fields, because not all students are going to be ready for college, but not all students are ready to go directly into careers either.

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