Should the FOIA form be available for online submission?

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the FOIA form should be available for online submission. The FOIA process should be digitized completely. Pushing paper around in old and government agencies tend to scan everything into a computer system anyway. We should stop wasting paper and time with paper submissions. This is just a small example of government waste, in my opinion.

  • Everything Else is Online

    Americans can do just about everything online. We can shop, apply for licenses, get a job and get a degree. The FOIA form is available online, but we have to print it out and then send in the request. The FOIA needs to be more streamlined. Unfortunately, if that became the case, denizens of the Internet would abuse the privilege and hack the submission process like crazy.

  • All information should be online

    The only reason to not make an FOIA form available for online submission is to make it more difficult to submit these forms. Any forms that are done on paper necessarily take longer to complete and process than online forms. Every business on the planet is phasing out paper forms because they are inefficient. This inefficiency is a feature not a bug for agencies that do not want to comply with the FOIA. We should not allow this to continue.

  • Yes it should be

    When it comes to the Freedom of Information Act in the United States of America it should be available to be done online. This act was put into place by the Congress to make things much more visible to the general public. We are in a world of modern technology thus the government should make this available online.

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