• The Ford F-150 has earned and deserves the "truck of the year" award.

    The Ford F-150 deserves being named truck of the year because of the high quality, acceptable price point and durability of the vehicle. The Ford F-150 is a truck that has been associated as being the best for years and Ford has never rested on its laurels. Ford improved the F-150 for this year and deserves the truck being named "truck of the year".

  • Yes, Ford F-150 should bee named truck of the year

    I think that Ford F-150 truck deserves the title of the best truck of the year because its features are really good and in my opinion it offers more than its competitors ie. Chevrolet Colorado. I like the motor strength of Ford and its features. I'm not a big truck fan but if I would be buying one I would choose Ford F-150.

  • Yes, the F-150 was deserving of the truck of the year award.

    For quite some time now, mainstream automobile manufacturers have not made any serious innovations in the design of their vehicles, aside from some experimentation in hybrid electric/gas models. Ford, in designing the aluminum body of the new F-150, took a major risk and one that has paid off. The effort they put into designing this vehicle was clearly worth it, and they deserved the award.

  • Fix Or Repair Daily

    Ford trucks have been simply glamour trucks for years. Out of experience the ford truck inst made for towing, hauling, or putting anything in the bed over 250 pounds. The ford truck is poorly made and doesn't last. In my opinion the ford truck doesn't deserve the truck of the year award

  • No It Should Not

    I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Ford. if anything I think they suck. Their the worst cars you could have, the only thing they're good for is falling apart and breaking down. Yes it's bigger in Texas, but only by the price that you pay for it. And not to mention the repair and expense cost for all of the crap you go through to even get it fixed. I'd rather have a Honda.

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