• Courts are doing it nor

    People are stupid. That is why we need a police state to watch over everything we do or say. This will stop gun violence especially if we have a camera wired to the police department on every street corner but also every home. No smoking, Inappropriate sex, Plastic straws, Improper food, Etc. It will improve public safety for everyone and improve their healthcare which will save everyone money. That’s why we need bi government and strong government control over the masses.

  • It prevents Police

    The fourth amendment which is rubbish, It prevents police from finding evidence that they need to fight crime. Think about it, Their could be a rouge judge that won't give the police a warrent that they need they should be allowed to just find the evidence no matter what the judge wants

  • Nothing to hide

    If you got nothing to hide then you got nothing to worry about. It will be your own fault if you do something illegal. So don't do anything illegal in you house then u won't have anything to worry about if people come search your house. So yeah thats all i have to say

  • Nothing to hide

    If you have nothing to hide, shut up and let them in. If you have something illegal, that's your own fault for doing illegal things. Why should the law enforcement need a warrant when they normally only want to search your person, papers, or property with probable cause. Screw all the druggies.

  • People should not lose their property without any reason.

    If police have the right to seize peoples property without any reason they will abuse that power so they can sell it for profit. You could ban luxury products but then you first have to define what a luxury product is. And if you ban luxury products you lose sport because it is a luxury. Also you can not develop any new gaming platforms. And military mercenaries will be gone. No super soldiers either.

  • Government Tyranny can Happen

    If information is readily available it is easy for government to categorize its citizens. With this information it can target certain groups in order to push agenda that can alienate natural rights for certain classes. Even of you have nothing to hide if the government became tyrannical and your thoughts and beliefs did not directly align with people in power it would not bode well.

  • Sure, as long as I can watch TV still.

    Sure, I mean it totally makes sense since I have nothing to hide right. I mean its not like there are people out there that enter government that our bad. I imagine nobody in government could ever fabricate an event and create hysteria to the point to enter our homes and turn our world upside down. I mean seriously.. I mean come on.. Imagine.. If I had this right gone.. Police could just be searching an area and decide to barge into my home and accidentally kill me because they felt threatened by me because they barged into my home. Imagine right.. Everything would be dandy with this right gone. Life would be awesome! I am sure politicians would never use it against us by using it against their opponents. I mean come on .. That kind of stuff would never happen! Right?

  • Why is this a question?

    The fact that %20 voted against the 4th scares the hell out of me and I have nothing to hide. I'm hoping the sample size is small and one nut reset his IP cleared his cookies and voted 147 time. He goes by the name Dr. Evil and owns a hairless cat.

    It's almost cliché.

  • Read a book.

    The fact that %20 voted against the 4th scares the hell out of me and I have nothing to hide. I'm hoping the sample size is small and one nut reset his IP cleared his cookies and voted 147 time. He goes by the name Dr. Evil and owns a hairless cat.

    It's almost cliché.

  • Nothing to hide?

    If you support a repeal then imagine putting a camera in everyone's so that you can be monitored 24/7. This will prevent all crime if that's the case but the victim will be the American people and what our founders fought for. Do not be to fast to give up on liberty and freedom.

  • Never, never, ever!

    The 4th amendment is there for a very good reason. Many people seem to have forgotten that life on British colonization was not a happy time at all. After the French and Indian war, the British were planning to make the Colonist pay for all the war expenses. In fact, they did more than that, they also used the opportunity to make the colonists lives miserable, by throwing people in jail for speaking out against the king, they also confiscated muskets without reason, they would force Colonists to take in a British soldier and give him food, and shelter without their consent, and even made others who were accused of a crime to be a witness against themselves, and worst of all they passed laws and established taxes without representation. After the revolutionary war, they have written the Constitution in 1787, they made sure that the central government's power was limited so 1776 may not happen again. And if anyone thinks that repealing the 4th amendment will solve criminal problems, they will learn the hard way, along with all amendments.

  • No It Shouldn't

    The fourth amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures. I do not believe this amendment should be repealed. If it was appealed, I would be very scared as a citizen. I think the loss of this amendment may make me want to flee the country even more. We are losing rights all of the time, we shouldn't want to give up more.

  • It's a good right.

    No, the 4th Amendment should not be repealed, because it would be scary to live in a society where the government can just bust into your house and look through your stuff at any time. It is comical to think that law enforcement would never abuse such a privilege. We need this Amendment.

  • Everyone Should Have the Right to Their Privacy

    The Fourth Amendment, which declares the unlawful nature of unfair search and seizures, should never be repealed. I believe this is the case due to issues such as police brutality and excessive force. Search warrants should be required of anyone suspected of illegal or suspicious activity. After all, people with unpopular views, or members of racial minorities, could not only be profiled but have their civil rights violated if police did not need warrants for search and seizure.

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