• There all terrorists anyways

    Muslims are all terrorists. Al Qaeda, ISIS. The person probaly has a bomb in there Hijab. They want to kill the Catholics and they expect us to treat them equally. NO WAY THEY'RE TERRORISTS. We should carpet bomb the Middle East. If we do this we'll kill all the terrorists (All Muslims) and we'll have an unlimited supply of sand! There are only two things in the Middle East, Sand and terrorists.

  • Freedom of Religion

    Muslim women have limits and rights that they believe in. Its part of their religion and you have no business of messing around with peoples religion. If you are a Christian would you like people to tell you take of that cross its ugly so its the same thing. Its makes women in peace so please support this.

  • Do not judge the Muslims that wear hijab

    Ladies can wear hijab if the want it there body its there life and there religion it not your it wouldn't be fair if the Jews and Christians can do whatever they want and Muslims cant do whatever they want so you should let the women wear the hi jab if they want so i say NOOOO!!! LET THEM WEAR HIJAB!!!

  • The hijab should NOT BE BANNED

    There is nothing wrong with wearing the hijab.The hijab is a thing that is religious it doesn't prove anthing bad.So some Christensen are embarrassed of people seeing their hair and they wear a scarf over their hair thats like the hijab. Muslim ladies have a right to wear a hijab

  • No it shouldn't be banned

    People should have rights including muslim women, just like Christianity, people have rights, so we should give muslims right too. I do not think that people should be disturbed by these religious people so you should respect our religion just like we respect yours so respect muslims and give women freedom!

  • It Should Not be banned

    The hijab is not a piece of terrorism. It is a bit of Culture and religion. Terrorism is not from religion. It is from radical people who make bad choices. The recent attacks are not because of Islam. Hiab is just a scarf on the head. Really.... It is just culture

  • No this is wrong women should where hejab

    Hijab was used along time ago to cover women buety because the famous saying'' you should care about what is in the inside not what is on the outside''.The prophet married only people that had good qualities such as honesty trustworthy respectful and more. You should always look at the qualities of a person. Don't think people are forced to do this or this is punishment but they do it for there religion to make god proud of them.

  • It's anti islamic

    There is nothing wrong with a woman wearing a scarf on her head so she can be judged for her personality and not appearance. It's their hair and Its their right and if that's what they want to do let them do if. It's part of their religion and to ban it would be disrespecting Islam, women and religious freedom. Plus if you ban that shouldn't you also ban crosses and yarmulkas? Don't pick on one religion. Respect ones right to express them selves and dress how they want and practice their religion the way they want.

  • I say they should allow them!!!

    The reason why we are so against this law is because we think that letting people have religious symbols in schools will not harm anyone.

    For example, many girls are taught to wear a headscarf and if not, they betray their religion. A headscarf will not hurt anybody, so why should people not be able to wear a headscarf or wear a cross or a star of david on their necklace.

    According to religious symbols are allowed in British school, American schools, and International schools so why are they not allowed in French Public Schools?! We think that people should be free to live the way they want to LIVE!

    Freedom of expression is an important part of most the democratic societies. However, in France people are not free to express their religion.

  • No, hijab should be allowed.

    Naturally, schools would like their students not to be covered for security reasons. But girls who are wearing hijab for religious reasons need to be respected. Perhaps there could be a Muslim woman administrator who could periodically have the girls show their faces and ensure that nothing is being concealed.

  • The French should not ban the Muslim hijab in schools.

    Those of any faith should be able to wear religious garb in school regardless of sociopolitical situation. France is no different. As long as nobody is being hurt by the clothing that is being worn, then there should be no issue concerning the muslim women wearing their hijab in school.

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