Should the French government eliminate "illegal and sqaulid" camps?

  • It's a matter of public health.

    While there's some controversy regarding the French definition of what constitutes "illegal and squalid" and yeah, some of it is based on race, they should be eliminating these camps. It's really the squalid part we have to look out for. These installations are unhealthy, and they can end up spreading disease into the civilized parts of the country.

  • How To Eliminate?

    I believe there is no question that French government should seek to eliminate illegal and squalid camps. I think the major point of debate comes after that decision and that is, how are you going to eliminate camps? If people call this place home, then where are they suppose to go and how are they going to afford it?

  • No they shouldn't.

    I do not think the French government should eliminate "illegal and squalid" camps, unless they can give those people a better place to live first. We have this problem in America too. Nobody wants it to happen "in their neighborhood" or were they can see it. They don't think about where else these people will go.

  • Yes and No

    I think that ideally the French government should get rid of illegal and squalid camps, but it should do so by making it so each of those people has a home to go to. There needs to be affordable, or even free housing, to get rid of all these illegal camps. I do not think that the French government should eliminate these camps because, unless they make free or affordable housing, the people will have no place to go.

  • They are better than nothing.

    No, the French government should not eliminate illegal and sqaulid camps, because the Roma need a place to go. No one is going to force a Roma to live in a camp. If they choose to live there, they are there because in their own mind it is better than other alternatives.

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