• The French should resist

    The French should resist loan words from the English. Their citizens are known for sticky to their way of doing things and they do not want to conform with others in any areas. The French population would not take well to it and it would not work out in the long run.

  • Maintaining the purity of the French language is very important.

    To maintain the integrity of the language, French speakers should resist loan words from English - or any other language for that matter. Once words from other languages start to show up in the French lexicon, the language will slowly begin to change. Eventually, the French will start speaking English.

  • No,the French language should not resist loan words from English.

    No,the French language should not resist loan words from English.Contemporary languages like English borrow words from other languages all the time and there's no reason why French can not do the same.Making a language more culturally diverse actually makes the language more relevant for today and in the near future.

  • Many languages borrow from each other.

    Most languages borrow words from each other, either names of things that are from the area of, or were created by, the country of the parent language, phrases, or slang. These are often cross-cultural words and do not take away from, or harm, either language. Also, French and English are both related languages anyway because both are Romance languages.

  • The French language should not resist loan words from English.

    Many languages borrow words from other languages. Spanish and English are a few languages that do this. I can't state a specific example but from my time spent learning both of these languages, I know for a fact that they do share a few words. This can help later on to bridge the gap for people trying to learn that language.

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