Should the French primeminster accept Corsican as a real language?

  • Corsica is real!

    For centuries the people of the island of Corsica have been brutally oppressed. First by the Romans, Then the people of Genoa, Then the French, And so on. Now, Corsica is a small island next to Italy and the island of Sardinia. It has been owned by the French for about 2 and a half centuries, And the language has since then been unofficial. Although, Recently the French primeminister has visited the small island in his rule. He deny their demands for greater autonomy and their language to be declared official once more.
    Just for a piece of information Corsicans are more closely related to Italians and their language is more closely related to Italian and their island is closer to Italy.

    Thank you for reading my argument and I encourage you to learn more about this subject.

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