Should the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo publish next week despite the deadly attack at their office?

  • Yes, Charlie Hebdo should publish next week.

    Yes, Charlie Hebdo should publish next week. Terrorists want to silence free speech and destroy liberty. Stopping publication will not stop hate, and it will not stop acts of violence from occurring. People say mean things all the time. That doesn't give murderers the right to state their opinion in blood any time they don't like what's been said.

  • Defintiely Put Out their Magazine.

    I say they shouldn't back down, in fact the best way to fight back is to put out their magazine. This is no doubt what their readers would want. They need to remember the pen is mightier then the sword, there is much support for this magazine right now and they need to voice their gratitude along with showing that no one will silence them. Certainly not a group of terrorist.

  • Yes, Charlie Hebdo should publish next week despite the attack at their office

    The newspaper should publish next week because it is deemed an anti-racist publication, and it will show people that life does go on even in the face of such a tragic event. It's former editor, Charb, who was killed in the most recent attack, would want the newspaper to continue business as usual.

  • Yes, Charile Hebdo should publish

    If the French magazing, Charile Hebdo not publish it will be a victory for those who seek to silence what is deemed free speech and right of expression. No one would ask the question of an airline if they suffered an attack, of course an airline company would continue to fly. This attack was much more personal, which means it is much more important to publish.

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