• Yes, the FTCA should be considered outdated.

    I think that the FTCA should be considered outdated in today's society. I think that the policy has no place in today's world and how society and businesses are operated. I think that the principles of the FTCA need to be in some ways reformed to better serve people and society.

  • Yes It Should

    I believe the FTCA should be considered outdated in today's society. The FTCA oversees the ability to bring lawsuits against the federal government. I believe the majority of the population is cut off from access to the civil courts because they can not access an attorney, because they charge too much. This essentially makes the judicial branch outdated because it fails to serve the people.

  • The FTCA has an important place in society

    The Federal Tort Claims Act is a 1948 federal statute that permits private parties to sue the United States in a federal court for most torts committed by persons acting on behalf of the United States. This act allows consumers to sue companies that act in a reckless or dangerous manner.

  • It mainstreams the process.

    For all the people that want tort reform, it is surprising that someone would suggest that the FTCA is outdated. The FTCA, the Federal Torts Claims Act, is one of the laws that is tort reform. The FTCA narrows, streamlines, and speeds up the process for a variety of torts. It is still relevant.

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