Should the full financial history of political candidates be made public?

  • Full financial disclosure Is critical.

    In today's political landscape any person running for political office, from dog catcher to president, must be willing to fully disclose their financial records. In addition, a campaign budget must be completely transparent. It is crucial that voters be able to identify situations where monetary self-interest might before the budgetary needs of the people.

  • This information should be available in the interest of full disclosure.

    The candidate's full financial history should be made public. For one reason, they are trying to get voted into the highest position in the country, so we deserve to know where they get their money and how. Showing where they got their money will show the people who is backing them and where their true interests for the public really lie. Also as an added notes, it will prevent them from claiming that they can relate to families that have financial trouble.

  • We should be able to see all activities of the candidates.

    We the people need to see all the history of our candidates so we know just what they support and oppose. Whosoever a political candidate takes money from, whether it be a company or a person, it affects his job and his political role. It is important to know this, and be able to judge the candidate on all these criteria.

  • Yes, In The Name Of Transperency

    The voting public needs to know. Somebody running for office should not have financial interests in the industries they could potentially regulate. For financial professionals, it's a lot like inside trading. They should release all of their tax returns, and they shouldn't be allowed to have Swiss bank accounts either.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, only a partial revealing of financial history.

    Because everyone, at one time or another has made financial mistakes, whether it be bad business dealings, misplaced investments, wrongful appropriation of funds, or fudging taxes. No one has been perfect with their money, and releasing a candidates entire history is silly and overdramatic. There's just no need for doing that.

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